Sunday, January 27, 2019


Winter Weather

I have been waiting for our once or twice a year winter weather to set a table with a favorite Juliska pattern, Winter Frolic. I love using this pattern Christmas Eve through Valentine's Day. The red and white is perfect for both holidays. We have had so much rain and the last few days have been cold and gorgeous. Since we are expecting one to three inches of snow late Monday night into Tuesday it will be fun to set the table with these wintery weather scenes. 

Large Juliska platter and bowl

The Stack

 Juliska Platter

Johnson Bros 
Old Britain Castles
12 inch chargers

Made in Portugal White Everyday Dinner plates

Ruby Party Plates

Brooch Bouquet
made for me by my sister with my mom's jewelry and my dad's cufflinks

adds a lot of beautiful sparkle to any setting

Large Serving Bowl

Soup/cereal bowls
I love the snowflakes inside the bowls and cups

Comfort cups

 I hope you are warm and cozy and ready for the winter weather. All the Christmas decorations are put away leaving a few things around for a little color. I am enjoying this cold weather! 
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  1. I love your stack of dishes, Emily, and have always admired your Juliska pieces. The plaid napkins look especially pretty with the red and white. I have four of the JB Old British Castle plates, and I'm using them right now, too. The bouquet brooch that your sister made from your parents' pretty things, is just so sweet! I love that idea. Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. Red is my favorite color and your dishes are just delightful!!

  3. What a wonderful Juliska pattern, Emily, I love love all Juliska, but don't own a single piece! Yes, this china is perfect for Christmas through Valentine's with it's happy red scenery! Your table is so warm and cozy with the plaid napkins and simple green centerpiece. I remember the jeweled piece your sister gave you, so stunning! I am glad you are enjoying our winter weather because I am certainly NOT! I pray the dreaded snow stays light tonight!! ❤️ Jenna

  4. So pretty Emily! I'm a big fan of Juliska and this pattern is lovely. Enjoy your week!

  5. Emily, you know I adore a table set with Juliska's Winter Frolic. Seeing your beautiful table makes me long to pull our my pieces of Winter Frolic and set a table. We aren't expecting snow, but freezing temps are headed our way again. Winter isn't over yet! Like you, all the Christmas is packed away, but I'm enjoying the pinks and reds for Valentine's. I brought out my valentine things early so I could enjoy them longer. Thank you for sharing your winter table. You are inspiring me, dear friend!

  6. Oh, you can invite me to dinner at that table anytime, Emily, just so long as you are there yourself! What a wonderful setting. It's really cozy and warm and perfect for a day like today where here we are due for 9-12 inches of snow. I love Johnson Brothers anything but the Juliska is new to me and I like it very much. And that brooch bouquet is lovely! And so personal.

  7. Omigoodness, such a pretty table.

    Our snow has been quite unspectacular this year. However, rain has been our friend. The river rises and falls. Lately, I've been posting river pictures on my blog.

    Happy Winter

  8. Such a wonderful gift from your sister and very pretty.

    I always admire these dishes. I think they are perfect for the entire winter.


  9. I agree! This is perfect for several months. The scenes are just gorgeous. Reminds me of my winters growing up in Wisconsin. We were out in the cold skating and sledding all the time.

  10. I love the table styled with your Juliska pieces. I have a very small collection started and hope to grow it over time. I agree it is perfect to display until Valentine's Day. It looks beautiful with the Tartan linens!!

  11. Your Juliska dishes have so much personality. I love each scene.
    Love your entire tablescape. Perfect for our cold weather with that pretty pop of green in your centerpiece. Plaid napkins and red mugs look so pretty with your charming plate stack.
    Is snow in your forecast tomorrow?

  12. This table is stunning! I do love the pretty Juliska plates. I think you timed it perfect with the impending snow! The brooch bouquet is so unique and pretty. What a thoughtful and beautiful gift! Plus, I love the greenery on the table, too.

  13. Your Juliska dishes have a story to tell, and I love the scenes. Does Jim love the Juliska dishes as much as you do? We are warm and cozy and have been enjoying winter activities. Joe just celebrated his birthday in his happy place over the weekend. Lake Placid was so beautiful with the snow on the mountains.

  14. Thanks for stopping by my sadly neglected blog. Your Juliska tablescape is stunning. I had to laugh at your "once or twice" a year winter. I don't know where you live but, here in the Chicago area, we are in a deep, deep freeze.


  15. Oh, Emily, this is an absolutely fabulous setting! The Juliska Winter Frolic is spectacular, and I really love those comfort mugs. I have dish envy, even though my seams are bursting already. Your brooch bouquet is certainly special, and what a great gift from your sister.

  16. We are also waiting for snow. It is not snowing nowadays in Turkey.

  17. a lovely tableware, i love Christmas I like to remember it.
    Goodnigth Emily

  18. Your Juliska dishes really do brighten up your tablescape ..The scenes are so heartwarming, reminding me of my childhood. Of course I am fond of the Johnson redware too... You have broguht such joy to the table with your lovely collections... How sweet is thate brooch .. What a fabulous idea.... I so enjoyed reading your post...THANK YOU..I'm your newest follower and will be soon...hugs

  19. stunning them
    have a great day

  20. Sua louça é maravilhosa!
    A mesa ficou perfeita.
    Amo louça vermelha.

  21. Oh Emily! That China is stunning, and I’m not even a red person lol!

    Did you ever see the brooch bouquet I made for my daughter? I’m nit sure if we knew each other then.





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