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Tales of the Traveling Tote
A special and fun guessing game post!

Our special February Tales of the Traveling Tote post today is to have you guessing where we are. We take a favorite piece of our MacKenzie-Childs and snap a photo (only when appropriate of course) just for fun to share with you. So, take a stroll through my photos for a peek at where I took a favorite MacKenzie-Childs cup. If you want to play along tell me where you think I am in a comment. Of course I will spill the beans at the end of this post so you will know. No peeking!

Breakfast with a view
I can't wait to pour my fresh morning coffee into my cup

Amazing view at this special place

Same place as above
I know you know!

When a little birdie spills the beans that it's your birthday, a surprise at the end of the meal, compliments of the house
It was delicious!

Next, I'm visiting a very talented artist friend for lunch at her beautiful home. And, another very talented artist friend will be joining us

The stunning foyer
The table is set with a red, black and white Valentine's Day theme
I love the fresh flower arrangement and the table runner

We all added our favorites MacKenzie-Childs for drinking. A cup, mug and wine glass

Still in the foyer 
the Butler was there to serve our drinks

No smiles from this guy
I'm loving this pillow

My friend leaves some of her art supplies handy for working in her living room. I though they made a beautiful grouping 
(just between you and me, Wow, is she organized!)

I loved the ceramic paint buckets displayed on kitchen shelves

The art studio
It is like a gazebo, inside
Off the kitchen with a view 
The cabinet is full of ORGANIZED supplies
(I know, I peeked inside!)

The outside view
I love the fireplace and pizza oven built by her talented son

Having a little fun outside


After all the fun and catching up while outside, we filled our plates in the kitchen and enjoyed our lunch in the dining room

Dining Room
Fresh Flowers in a favorite vase

Back stairs lined with beautiful art

So tell me please, do you know where I was and with who?
I took my cup on a trip to Washington DC and every time I went out I forgot to take it! 
If you are still here thank you. I would love to hear your guesses if you think you know where I've been. I do hope you leave a comment, it's the only way I know you were here.

I hope you will visit my friends for more Tales of the Traveling Tote fun.

Debbie with Miss Aurora @ Mountain Breaths 
Emily with Miss Courtney ChildsThe French Hutch
 Patti with Miss Kenzie @ Pandora's Box
Jenna with Miss Coquille @The Painted Apron
Katie with Miss Daisy @ Preppy Empty Nester
Linda P with Miss Lola @ Life and Linda
Sarah with Miss Merri Mac @ Hyacinths for the Soul
Jackie and Miss Madi K @ Purple Chocolat Home
Ricki Jill and Countess De Monet @ The Sketchy Reader
Cherry Kay and Carrie Ann Hall @ Entertaining Women  

Now, where in the world have I been?

Breakfast at my hotel, the Park Lane in NYC
Dinner with friends Linda and her husband Al (More fun Less Laundry, she's taking a blog break now) at Bar 65, NYC.

Having lunch with friends, Jenna's home @ The Painted Apron and guest Ricki Jill @ The Sketchy Reader

Come back for our next adventure post March 1


  1. Emily, whether you're in the big apple or having quality time with friends near home, you're sure to add class with MKC in the picture. What fun celebrations, both your birthday bash and time spent with friends, especially when those friends are part of your tribe! After reading all these great posts, my goals certainly include getting this current project of mine complete in order to allow myself to lock and leave for more fun!

  2. I know where you were!! You three are so lucky to be able to get together - love the assortment of drinkware - very clever! You made this special edition of TTT lots of fun!

  3. We enjoy travel by Motor Coach, especially the South. Will be going to rally in Perry Ga in March. Thanks for taking us to visit Jenna in Alabama!

  4. So smart to take your cup to NYC for your birthday bash, and wow what a view from your breakfast table! Thank you for all the kind words Emily, it was so much fun to have you in my home for fun and friendship, and I had so much fun getting out my favorite things and filling the house with food and flowers! We are so lucky that we can get together, it makes our TTT group even more special!

  5. In my next life I want to come back as your cup! Great post, Emily.

  6. What fun to go to Jenna's! I love how you took a "peek" inside her cabinet. Jenna is so talented and it's so nice that you can get together.

  7. Love the eye candy and that red black and white Valentine Table is stunning.

  8. This was so fun and I bet you had the best time. I love all of the wonderful MC’s that made up the buffet and how fun to see the new pizza oven. Jenna has a beautiful place. Jealous of you girls!!!!

  9. Emily, I love the views from the restaurant in NYC, not to mention the fun tour of Jenna's home. I'm so happy that you and Jenna and Ricky Jill live close and can get together. It's fun to share these friendships! Thanks for a fun post. Well done!

  10. I am saying NYC. This was from the beginning of your post not from reading other answers

    How fun with all the cups. Love coffee but wine is a good thing. Such a fun post and some wonderful pictures.

    I won't tell about looking in the cabinet .

    Happy Birthday


  11. You were with Jenna and more fun than anything. Now that is definitely a lunch I would have loved with two of my favorites!

  12. Such a fun trip to NYC, and you really had some phenomenal opportunities. Linda has long been one of my favorite bloggers. I loved all the organized materials for creating. Great idea! Thanks for taking us along on your trip. I love being a part of the Traveling Totes. CherryKay

  13. Trying to leave a comment for a long time. I don't think it's working for some reason. Test-test-test. Your things are pretty-pretty-pretty.

  14. Coucou Emily, j'ai adoré ce billet ! Je ne sais pas exactement où vous étiez mais vous avez dû passer un merveilleux moment dans ce cadre magnifique, avec un si beau menu et une table superbe !
    Très bon week-end, gros bisous de Bretagne.

  15. Such fun Emily and .. no I did not guess it ;} Anyway it looks like you had a wonderful birthday with lots of yummy food, pretty things, and of course friendship. Enjoy your weekend!

  16. Enjoyed seeing your mug at your birthday bash, and what a view from your breakfast table. You are so lucky that you can get together with our wonderful TTT group for these special times. Love the assortment of drinkware :-)

    So glad you got together with Linda and Al. Linda and I (and our hubbies) are trying to get together in the city this year, and I hope it works out! Enjoy the day.

  17. I can tell you were at Jenna’s lovely home. Looks like a great time. Everything looks fabulous.

  18. Aw! Didn't we have fun in Jenna's lovely home! She fed us well, too!!! Your photos turned out so much better than mine. I think there is something definitely wrong with my phone! ;P

    I need you to plan my birthday. Seriously, girl! You know how to celebrate!


  19. I love New York !!! I hope tho visit it one day.
    Your photos are magnificent always




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