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February and Winter

Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow so that may be why here in the south we have been enjoying mild temperatures in the sixties and seventies. I love winter but I am looking froward to spring after all of this nice weather. We probably still have a lot more winter to come, just guess I am having spring fever a little early. I know so many of you are still in the throes of a Polar Vortex and haven't been flirting with spring. Here, we go from one extreme to the next. Only a few days ago we were under a winter weather warning, meaning buy your milk and bread and don't drive. Everyone cleaned out the supermarkets but thank goodness we didn't get the ice and snow just freezing temperatures.

We were however, already getting the jokes about our rush to prepare for the cold, ice and snow!

So, what to do inside to feel warm and cozy and still bring a little spring inside? I normally add furry throws and pillows on sofas and beds and for spring I love fresh flowers. This week I had fun with a few vignettes mixing a little spring and winter.

I love Trader Joe's for fresh flowers. I picked up these potted  Tete-a-Tete miniature daffodils and enjoyed them in a centerpiece for the breakfast table. After they started to dry out I snipped them to enjoy in a vase then I snipped the little heads for playing. My favorite flower!

My daffodils in the flower beds are in different stages of blooming. I think I'll have a big show this year.

The maidenhair fern that was used for a centerpiece for Christmas now adds a spring touch in the foyer

More fresh flowers for spring and for winter a fur throw and pillow in the living room

For the kitchen island another vase of fresh flowers along with sweet Valentine's 

Thanks Jenna and Ricki Jill for the sweet gifts

And while we are in the kitchen and I have spring fever I am planning our next cook out, blackened fish. Grilling is something we definitely do a lot of in spring

Still both seasons in the powder room, my favorite 
Parisian towels and a splash of color in the arrangement, stems from a sale at PB


the coffee table


A sweet treat, a Cafe Latte to enjoy
while I curl up on the sofa in the family room. A Tartan throw to keep me cozy and a new book to get inspired with.

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  1. You certainly got me in the mood for Spring...I love Daffodils, however, we’re 6 feet under snow ...Love the pictures though..Creating Spring and Winter vignettes is a briliiant idea.. and OMG didn't you come up with some special charm for your home.... It so sweet how you romanced the livingroom table with just enough warmth and color to make it warm and cozy for Valentine's day.. It looks especially inviting with the books, potpourri and lovely red roses... Simply charming !!!!

  2. Emily, love your sweet daffodils. They look so bright and fresh. Your home looks lovely. beautiful bouquet of flowers too. Your little gifts from the ladies are wonderful. How sweet you got to visit Jenna. I would love cafe latte. One of my favorites. Happy Valentines to you and Jim. xo

  3. What lovely vignettes around your home Emily!! We are having a taste of spring for sure. Daffodils and forsythia are blooming and it really lifts my spirits to see their cheery yellows! I know we will have more winter weather so I am trying to soak up these pleasant days.

  4. Coucou Emily, voilà un superbe billet coloré, un avant-goût de printemps même si nous sommes encore en plein hiver !
    Qu'il est doux ton intérieur douillet et confortable, chaleureux à souhait !
    Amitiés de Bretagne, bisous.

  5. Oh Emily I am loving all this, the daffodil heart- is that your own creation? I love the furry pillow vignette with the Valentine flowers with the pink settee, and how you romanced the coffee table!! I shall always and forever think of you whenever I see daffodils, they are starting to sprout in my neighborhood, and this morning I saw buds on a lilac tree! 80 degrees today, this is nuts, but I'm going to enjoy!
    ❤️ Jenna

  6. Beautiful eye candy today. Wishing for spring quickly.
    What is your secret for Maidenhair fern inside? I have better luck with it outside.
    You have blessed me today with signs of spring and lovely decor.

  7. That tartan throw looks so cozy! I could use that these days. And oh, how very much I love those daffodils -- the beautiful yellow is such a glow! Love the heart with the blooms. And your cabinet is stealing my heart with your mix of MKC and Quimper. It's so cheerful.

    I do think you have the loveliest rooms. They bring smiles, at least one to me!

  8. Oh Emily, what fun you get to have playing with flowers right now and actually seeing those daffs outside! Here I was excited seeing my Lenten Rose and some stems popping up from other flowers (including the daffs). Your in-home touches of throws, pillows and flowers is so welcoming. The hutch is gorgeous, especially behind the row of daffs.

    I have some of those tete-a-tete miniatures in my garden - so sweet. There is just an unexplained pure joy when the garden begins to awaken! We had 74° today before the rain and winds take it back down to more normal winter, and it was such a treat to walk the garden and snap a few photos of potential. I know you must really enjoy spring in your region, as summer can be so draining with its heat. Thank you for sharing your joy with us! Happy Valentine's!

  9. Emily I am so happy to see your beautiful decor and the pink settee. Daffodils are a favorite of mine also, and Joe's students used to sell them to raise money for field trips so he supported a good cause and brought me home bouquets. I will miss that now that he is retired from teaching. Happy Valentine's Day Emily and Jim. xoxo

  10. Emily, it's always a treat to see more of your beautifully styled home. I love the way you played with the daffodils. I just made a note to myself to make a trip to TJ tomorrow. It's cold here again, so a cozy fire and cuddly blankets are in order.
    I've long admired your Courtly Check chowder bowls, and now I see you have a set of the CC heart plates. Lucky you! Thanks for a delightful post, Emily!

  11. Daffodils are my favorite spring flower. My grandma loved them. She passed when I was 8 but I have certain memories of her.

    Everything looks pretty. I love using dried rosebuds in my decor. I noticed your dried petals. NJ has had a very annoying winter but that's NJ weather.

    Enjoy your weekend


  12. Your daffodils and other flowers add so much beautiful, and fresh color to your home, Emily. However, even the PB faux flowers look so pretty and real. You've added so many pretty LOVE touches throughout, and your French Hutch looks perfect! xo

  13. I love the cheerful daffodils! They always make me smile, and they remind me of my grandmother because she loved planting bulbs in the fall. She had a huge bed full of them!

    How in the world do you get your maidenhair fern to live and thrive? I seem to kill every single one I bring in....if you have any tips, please share!

    Pretty post, My Sweet Friend!


  14. I had to laugh at the jokes about snow in the South, we rarely have snow in Brittany so when we does every thing stops even if we only get a few flakes!

  15. I enjoyed your mix of winter and spring. Your daffodils from Trader Joe's were lovely.

  16. Daffodils are such a hardy and gorgeous flower. It was one of the first ones to inspire me to garden. So easy to grow. Yours are stunning!

  17. Those little daffodils are precious! Something about little anything that I just love. Well, almost anything :).

    We have the same reaction here in NC when it comes to snow. One inch and the world stops, but that’s because the right equipment to deal with it is no where to be found.

    Your house looks lovely Emily, and your new book does too.


  18. Yep, we were waiting for that to hit in Nashville TN also but it always seems to miss us. I was so hoping for at least one good snow but that is not something we enjoy these yrs. Loving the flowers. In bloom here. They are so pretty and bright. THanks for sharing.

  19. Hi Emily, thanks for sharing your mix of winter and spring. Beautiful daffodils, they just scream spring and make us happy. Here in Kentucky, mine are up 4-5 inches but no blooms. We are having such a range in temps during the week. Funny about the supermarkets, as soon as a slight mention of a chance of snow, people just panic and wipe the shelves out. I am ready for spring and have been thinking about my gardens and the work that needs to be done. Take care!

  20. Happy Valentine's Day to you, Emily, and your family! LOVE love love this post... I pinned pretty much every photo to many of my Pinterest boards. <3 So much goodness to share and remember... Thank you for a beautiful post! I'm in reading and visiting mode this evening... :)

    Have a great rest of your week,
    Barb :)

  21. Emily, Sorry I am late commenting. I had a little relapse with my strep coming back. Ugh!!!! It has been a wild and crazy ride.
    I've enjoyed your delightful post. So much to see and enjoy. First, I love your daffodils because they are so cheerful. How cute you played with them and made a heart. Adorable.
    Your latte looks so good and I'm loving your french pillows on your sofa. Coffee table books are my weakness and I want all the new ones I see. Wish our library would get good decorating books.
    It is cold and very dreary today. Rain forecast all week. Thanks for some sunshine today with your delightful post.




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