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Around Town
Antebellum Homes and Spring Blooms

Spring in the south comes early and with March the transition begins. First, leading the way for spring as early as February, like this year, my favorite flower the daffodil bursts forth with it's happy yellow bobbing head. 
As the weather warms the gardens begin to blossom and trees begin to bud. I love the flowering ornamental pear with its white blooms. By mid or the end of March comes the cherry blossoms and dogwood. And finally, the glorious azalea blooms. It is officially spring.

A few weeks ago around town gardens were blossoming with spring's beauty. I decided to take in as much as I could on this beautiful day. Come along and let me show you around my town. Be warned, photo overload!

The Jemison-Van De Graaf Mansion 

A gift of Cherry Trees

Sharing a love for these beautiful cherry trees, a gift from one of Tuscaloosa's sister cities, Narashino, Japan

Sorry, I only took a photo of this side of the history of the house


The Battle-Friedman House and Gardens

The house was built in 1835 by Alfred Battle and his wife, Millicent Battle. The house grounds include the only remaining documented antebellum garden in the state. -Wikipedia

Across the street
 First Presbyterian Church 

Our son and daughter in law were married here

Pink Dogwood

University Club

Where our son and daughter in law held their after rehearsal dinner and wedding reception

President's Mansion (University of Alabama)

A historic Greek Revival style mansion on the campus of the University of Alabama. It has served as the official residence of university presidents since completion in 1841. The structure narrowly avoided destruction during the American Civil War, making it one of the oldest surviving buildings on campus today. The mansion was added to the National register of Historic Places due to its architectural and historical significance. 

 Camellia's are still blooming

If you are still here thank you. I hope you enjoyed touring the gardens of these lovely antebellum homes. Just a few of the many homes around town but you get the idea. What better way to celebrate the new season than a glorious garden tour. Thank you for your visit, I hope you will leave a comment, it's the only way I know you stopped by.


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this post. I lived in the south for 20years and now living in Minnesota, the struggle is real when it comes to the beginning of spring. :) Your dogwood photographs gave me major flashbacks of the front of my house in North Carolina. :)

  2. So much beauty to share to verify that Spring has arrived . We have had warmer weather so it is looking like Spring. We can get snow into May so we never know. Thanks for sharing. Happy Easter! HUGS

  3. Emily, even though the blooms are short lived, I find the flowering trees to be some of my favorites during the spring. Once the blooms have dropped, the new soft greens mix across the landscapes. It is a fresh and new beginning for all of us. Happy Easter Weekend to my dear friend. Beautiful post! It's fun to see the wedding photos.


  5. Emily, what an amazing tour of the antebellum homes. The flowers are so lovely. I never tire of looking at gorgeous homes and gardens. The colors are so vivid. Wishing you and Jim a wonderful Easter.

  6. Stunning Spring photos Emily! I think our Alabama Spring was extra beautiful this year...probably from the buckets of rain we've had :) Tuscaloosa has so many gorgeous buildings, what a lovely tour and your son and DIL are precious~ Hopefully Easter Sundsy will be a warm sunny day to celebrate and enjoy!
    💕 Jenna

  7. Oh, Emily -- of course I stayed with you for this! I loved every single photo! Dogwood (both pink AND white? WOW!) and those cherry blossoms -- how gorgeous. And those beautiful homes. Now that's a tour I would have loved to see with you in person.

    I especially love that many of these places have personal meaning and loved seeing the photos of the wedding and the kids. What a magnificent venue! I can think of no better way to celebrate spring.

  8. Just stunning! Gorgeous spring blooms with lovely grounds and mansions. I would love to have been on the walking tour as you photographed this beauty. The President's Mansion, and the view across to Denny Chimes is so lovely.
    The pink dogwoods, white dogwoods, tulips, azaleas, and tulips are all so pretty.
    Happy Easter, Emily!

  9. So beautiful! Do you know, I've never been to Tuscaloosa? It looks like Spring is the time to visit!

  10. Enjoyed the tour and your photos are outstanding! HAPPY EASTER!

  11. Beautiful, Emily! I love all the spring blooms. We are about 4 weeks behind your Alabama bloom time. My azaleas are just starting to bloom. Happy Easter.

  12. Chère Emily, what a grand post of all the blooms I remember from my time living back east! Those pink dogwoods are some of our favorites that unfortunately, won't grow here in our beloved Minneapolis. HOwever, we are looking forward to the northern redbuds, a hardy cousin of the eastern variety!

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Peace and happiness to you and may every day be Easter for you!

  13. The homes, the flowering shrubs and trees are so beautiful, Emily. I loved seeing the pics of your son and DIL, and where they were married. Thank you for sharing the beauty. Happy Easter, sweet friend!

  14. Emily, I enjoyed your beautiful town very much. The photos of your son and DIL and where they were married are so joyful! My favorite blooms are the azalea blooms, and mine bloomed on Easter :-) Hope you and Jim had a wonderful Easter. xo

  15. So many gorgeous blooms and homes. One of the things I love most is the spring color and temps that let you stay out all day to wander around.

    Everything looked gorgeous!

  16. Oh, Emily! I loved seeing your gorgeous photos of Tuscaloosa. I have always wanted to live there, and your tour reminds me of the special years I spend there as a University of Alabama student and then parent of a UofA student! I think this has been one of the most beautiful springs ever. I guess we can thank our wetter than usual winter and spring!

    I also enjoyed the wedding photos. :D

    I hope you're enjoying this beautiful weather we're having today! I want to just play outside all day and not get anything done!

  17. There is no resisting spring, is there? It is just too pretty. Great photos, Emily.

  18. How could anyone complain about photo overload when you have shared such lovely antebellum homes with us...wonderful images. Thank you.

  19. Beautiful pictures Emily. Spring brings us such gorgeous colors and blooms. Thank you for sharing your town with us. Every picture is just bursting with color.

  20. Just beautiful....I am needing this gorgeous color and blooms today as it's chilly and cloudy. Thanks for the virtual tour!

  21. Wow - what a tour - thanks for showing us all that southern beauty♥




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