Sunday, March 17, 2019


Celebrate St. Patrick's Day 

My Irish sweetheart, his eyes are always smiling!

We were on vacation last week, lots of green everywhere.

We were meeting my sister and brother in law at the beach.

  Since we all celebrate our Irish heritage I wanted to add a few things to decorate my kitchen island when we returned home. 
After a six hour drive coming home on Friday I wanted to celebrate with a St. Patrick's Eve dinner on Saturday which meant I needed to pick up a few things green from the supermarket, no time for baking.

A Kalanchoe plant, lots of green with white blooms beginning to open. My little cherub gives a nod to St. Patrick's Day. A perfect look for the kitchen island.

A cake plate and dome hold little green cakes

A white linen handkerchief was a souvenir from Ireland

under the 

And, Mushrooms with 

Reading Fairy


And, a wicker tray to serve Irish coffee in a pretty MacKenzie-Childs Parchment Check cup and saucer

Heavy whipping cream whipped into a delicious topping with sprinkles. 

And back home in Atlanta, my sister added a few flowers to a Belleek Shamrock Vase

And Lulu celebrated my sister coming home!

May an Irish Angel always watch over you.

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Now I am going to catch-up with you and see what you've been up to. Look for a vacation post from me soon. 


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  1. happy St. Patrick's Day! such great photos:) looks like you guys had a fun day!

  2. Emily, your Irish dinner celebration looks perfectly delicious! The Irish coffee in it's gorgeous cup and saucer calls my name in capital letters! I love that you celebrate your Irish heritage and that you all enjoyed a retreat to the beach. I know that is your happy place. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  3. Emily, I know you enjoyed time at the beach! Your menu sounds delicious and the Irish Coffee In the MKC cup and saucer looks fabulous! Happy Monday!

  4. No matter the holiday, your decorations are always so nice. I especially love the little cherub holding the shamrock, it is so sweet.

  5. So glad you had a great beach get away. Your St. Patty's celebration looks fun. Great looking food and the MCK cup and saucer are perfect for you! I love Irish coffee and yours is so festive with green sprinkles.

  6. I don't drink coffee, however that Irish coffee looks dreamy, especially in the gorgeous cup!! Your visit to the beach must have been fun....and your dinner looks delish! Great pic of Jim!!

  7. Oh what a sweet post Emily! Of course you had to celebrate in a big way! The Irish coffee in the MKC cup left me swooning! Your fairies under the cloche are adorable! I swear St. Pat's day is getting more and more popular every year, there was a huge celebration in Birmingham all weekend and Sat they had blocks of Southside closed off for all kinds of events. I am impressed after a week away you came home and decorated and cooked! ☘️

  8. Happy Belated St. Patrick's Day! What a delightful menu. YUMMY!!! And I love how the dessert was served. I hope you enjoyed your visit to the beach!

  9. What a fun getaway, Emily! I love the cherub holding the shamrock that's adorning your kalanchoe plant, and all your other decor sprinkled about your home. The Irish coffee looks so tasty in your pretty cup and saucer. Are those Hostess green snowballs?? I love them! What a perfect ending to your yummy dinner. Happy Spring tomorrow!

  10. It couldn't be more perfect, Emily! I love all the touches but I have to say, that dip in the teacup is perfection!

  11. A proper Irish celebration of your heritage, indeed, Emily! Lovely!

  12. Love seeing your Irish sweetheart, and how his eyes are always smiling! What a fun getaway for you and Jim. Happy Spring! xo

  13. Cute decorations. I really like your hankie!

  14. Happy Belated St. Patrick’s Day ... What a happy day you had... Thanks for sharing all the fab photos. My husband's birthday is March 17th so we love celebrating in green...Your menu looks yummy and the little details always make things even more extra whipping cream in the Irish coffee...I can taste it now...M-m-m-GOOD ..Love your little Irish fairy ....Such a sweet post.... Hugs

  15. Hi! I didn't ever see your first comment, and I'm grateful that you tried again. The teacup with the whipping cream and green sparkles really caught my Irish eye, that is. Yes, I'm Irish, too. My daddy's name was Brandon Griffith, and his mother's family left their home on The Isle of Brandon to come to America. They arrived through Ellis Island and eventually landed in Texas. My maternal ancestors eventually traveled West and participated in the Oklahoma Land Run. I'm Potato Famine Irish on both sides, and so proud of these brave determined men and women who came before me. The many mountains and valleys that they overcame in their lives to pave the way for my generation to fare so well, makes me grateful and proud of my forefathers and mothers. Thanks for inviting us for a peek. CherryKay




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