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Traveling Tote Adventures

Welcome to another adventure of Tales of the Traveling Tote. This is where my fellow Tales of the Traveling Tote friends and I share our latest travels, projects and our most current events. You will have an opportunity to visit other members at the end of this post.

 New York City in December 

We traveled to the big apple again this past December to enjoy Christmas in New York with our family. You may remember some of these photos from another post but some you haven't seen.

It was fun experiencing the sights and sounds of Christmas agin, especially with family. 

Miss Courtney enjoyed some
of the sites with us

RockerFeller Center

My sweet son, daughter-in-law and grandson
Connor's first trip to NY

Jim and I were thrilled to enjoy dinner with Linda and her husband again this year. We met at Bar 65 at Rockefeller Center. It was delightful, and the view is amazing, who could tire of this! Linda blogs at More Fun Less Laundry but is presently taking a break.

NYC window art, and so much to see

Interesting and lovely decorations everywhere!

We enjoyed the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall

Hmm, Christmas in NY two years in a row, maybe it's becoming a tradition for us. 

What a great trip with my family!

Around Town

We haven't been anywhere since NY so I thought I would ask you to come along for a walk with Miss Courtney and me. A favorite walking trail is near downtown. Winding beside the river mother nature provides a beautiful backdrop. But, on this day we'd just had a deluge of rain and the river is still swelling and rising.

Caution! Rising Water

Notice the park benches are already in the water

Some trees are budding out around town but not yet here.

Tulips are blooming

Miss Courtney is enjoying a beautiful sunshiny day

Miss Courtney plans to come here for a picnic soon. I will look forward to that!

After so much rain the river looks really muddy

This is the area where the path ends. There is an amphitheater here for concerts, a popular place all year. A great fireworks show on the Fourth.

Capital Park-Historic Site

Only a few blocks from shops and businesses and major traffic congestion you will find this little sanctuary. Peaceful and a lovely place to relax or take a walk. This is the site where Tuscaloosa served as the State Capital of the state from 1826 to 1846. It was relocated to Montgomery in 1847. The building was later used as home to Alabama Central Female College for ninety-nine years. In 1923 the historic building burned to the ground.

This site is often used for weddings and wedding portraits

The old Capital Building 

I hope you have enjoyed our walk. I will have to take you on a tour during spring when azaleas are in full bloom. Truly breathtaking!
Thank you for your visit, I hope you will leave a comment, it's the only way I know you stopped in.

Drawing by my sister Iris

This is where Miss Courtney and I will be soon. Nothing like sand under my feet and the sound of waves crashing on the beach for a relaxing getaway.

Be sure to join us March 1

Now for the Giveaway!

Cherry Kay of Entertaining Women will be hosting the giveaway for a chance to win three checked bunny candles from MacKenzie-Childs. For a chance to win just leave a comment on her blog post. 

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  1. I want to hop in your TOTE and go to that beach for some fun in the sun!! I envy your trip to NYC...It is always a fun trip at Christmas time. Love your "mugshot" - what a view! Looks like you have a great place to walk around town and hopefully that water recedes soon!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Emily, I love NYC anytime, but especially at Christmas! Your trip with the family was definitely special, and why not a Christmas tradition? We have certainly experienced flooding in NE AL and particularly devastating at Weiss Lake. I look forward to days of sunshine, it is raining again this morning! Happy March~

  3. Your NYC photos are so dreamy, it must be so magical at Christmas time! It's so amazing you got to see Linda and Al, I miss her blog so much! I really enjoyed seeing some of Tuscaloosa's sights, even though I have been there many times, it has mostly just been for football games! The rains this year have really been non stop, and I am praying the dip in temps next week won't harm all our blooming foliage...I know you're looking forward to some beach time, I can't wait for Spring and warm sunny weather!

  4. What a special vacation it must've been to enjoy NYC with your son, DIL, and Connor. I loved seeing their picture, Emily. How nice that you and your hubby met with Linda and her hubby. I'm sure the river walk is a wonderful way to get some nature and exercise. Your sister's drawing is so cute and a nice reminder of your favorite place...the beach.

  5. Even though the rains continue, it's still so nice to see the tulips in your region already, Emily! Your visit to NYC in December is so full of fabulous. That tree in Radio City is just stunning. And I'm so happy you keep the connection with Linda. She's missed among the tribe.

  6. Oh I have always wanted to go to NYC at Christmas. My goal is to see the tree at Rockefeller plaza. Loved the tour of T Town too. Here in Decatur we are having flooding as well. Thankfully the river and the back waters are receding. Have fun at the Beach!

  7. How awesome that you and your tote went to NYC during the holidays. I enjoyed looking at the place you and your tote visited!

  8. You are a lot closer to seeing signs of Spring than I am! Great pics of NYC and how fun that you got to have dinner with Linda and her hubby! Great post - have a good weekend, Emily.

  9. Emily, I love the idea of an annual trip to NYC for Christmas! I also enjoy seeing more of your home town. I know the upcoming beach time is going to be favulous. I could use a little sand between my toes and wonderful beach walks. I love the beach! Thanks for taking us along. Happy March, dear friend!

  10. Emily, you and Jim have quite the exciting life. That trip to NYC looks like so much fun. I bet it is amazing during the holidays. Tour cute mug shots are fun. I need to get mine out and take some photos. Sand under your feet is heavenly. looking forward to hearing about your beachy adventure.

  11. Yes there is nothing like Christmas in NYC and how fun to go two years in a row. I love that you got to meet up with Linda.
    Love the picture of your beach adventure. What a darling drawing. Miss Courtney is one lucky gal!
    It was fun seeing the local walking trail. I can imagine it is even more beautiful later in the year. I love the spot for wedding photos. They would make gorgeous pictures.

  12. It was fun revisiting NYC with you and I loved seeing some of your own city. That water is high! And it looks like an interesting spot, too. I do love it when you share your traveling tote tales! Miss Courtney sure gets around, and since she has no legs to go solo, I'm sure she's really grateful for you! Cannot WAIT to see the azalias but I'd be happy just for the tulips!

  13. Emily, your trip looks fabulous. I enjoyed seeing your son's family and the picture of you and Linda.
    I hope the rising water has receded now and more normal. I enjoyed your walk and hearing some history I had forgotten. It's been a long time since I took Alabama history! LOL!
    I think we all look forward to a beach trip. The Panhandle is truly beautiful!

  14. Emily, I am loving the idea of you and Miss Courtney possibly making NYC a yearly tradition. Perhaps you can visit the new MKC store in SoHo :-) I enjoyed seeing your son's family and the beautiful sights of the city. Thanks for taking us along on your walk and sharing some history about Alabama. A beach trip sounds fabulous! So glad that you and Linda got together on your December trip, and wish I could have joined you.

  15. Wow! What a life the you ..and the traveling bag have! Christmas in NY is so beautiful. Enjoy your day Emily xoxo

  16. Your Christmas photographs in the 'Big Apple' look wonderful. Looks like you had an exciting time. The drawing that your sister did looks so cute and whimsical.

  17. I love New York City and hope to go sometime during Christmas to see the wonderful windows etc. I have always gone in April- June months
    I like that old column where Miss Courtney had her picture taken

  18. The big apple! How wonderful! It looks like the tote had a wonderful time.

  19. photos of New York are wonderful.
    have a great day




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