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Traveling Tote ~ Fun in The Sun

Welcome to a special summer edition of The Tales of the Traveling Tote, all about "summer fun" with our traveling tote. 

It's been a busy summer here. We took a family vacation in the spring to the Gulf coast. 
Early summer found us having the exterior of our home painted and window seals replaced.  

Not much "fun in the sun" happening!

With all the work here the only change you would notice is the color of the front door. 

Benjamin Moore Silver Gray. A subtle, barely there color that hints at what's inside. I really love this color change. 

Fun in the Sun
I don't think these guys think so!

Work is finished and this is my summer favorite place. Early morning for coffee and my computer or a magazine or book. 

 A special weekend for"summer fun," our grandson Connor turned eleven this summer. We enjoyed a birthday party weekend before they left for the Florida Keys.  

Fun in the Sun ~ Huntsville
The Rocket City

Sightseeing, Shopping and Hot!

Shopping for Gifts at a garden shop. Out of the sun, nice and cool!

Fourth of July ~ Fun in the Sun

One of the best things about summer are the Farmer's Markets. I love cooking with fresh so I go often. We have two big markets locally, twice weekly. One of my favorites are tomatoes. This year they are the best I've seen in years. So juicy and thin skinned makes for delicious salads, soups and sauces not to mention the southern special, a tomato sandwich.

Mountain Brook ~ Fun in the Sun
Christmas in July Sale

Fun in the Sun ~ Ice Cream

Late in the afternoon is a wonderful time to sit outside with a treat. When I saw this no-churn ice cream recipe I knew I wanted to try it. And, am I glad I did! You won't believe how creamy and delicious not to mention easy. I found this recipe at Kitty's Kozy Kitchen so I hope you'll pop over for the recipe. The only change I made was using the fruit I had on hand, strawberries and  mangos rather than Kitty's blackberries. 

Lots of "fun in the sun!"

It's hard to believe July is soon ending and August is knocking. It will soon be all things fall and I'm so not ready for pumpkins! I think there will be more summer and it will most definitely be hot!

Saying Goodby to Igby

My sister's sweet kitty suddenly became ill and is no longer with us. He was fifteen years old. I helped look after him while she traveled and he was such a sweet boy. We were great friends! I loved him so much. I miss you Igby.........

Thank you for your visit. I hope you will leave a comment, it's the only way I know you stopped in.

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  1. Emily, your shortstop travels are my kind of summer fun, even the work being done on the house. What a relief it is when workers show and complete a job! Miss Courtney seemed much obliged to be taken along to the farmers' markets - probably one of the best and most satisfying outings of the summer. So sorry for the loss of Igby. Our pets are such an integral part of our lives. I'm happy you had the chance to celebrate Connor's birthday together, a happy summer soiree!

  2. Oh you came to Huntsville!! Come over to Decatur and visit the new Cook Museum. Your grands will love it. Your cozy morning spot looks so inviting. We head to Gulf Shores in September and I can hardly wait.

  3. Wonderful photos Emily, all your adventures look so festive! I know you were busy working on your house this summer, and hopefully now you are reaping the rewards! I love the color you chose for your front door, beautiful! Connor looks like he had a fantastic birthday, and oh, sweet Igby, it is so heart wrenching to loose a dear pet... I love love your tote full of flags, that looks fabulous!! I so hope we can get together for an adventure in August or September!

  4. Emily, your fun in the sun around town is sweet way to pass the time. I love the idea of sipping coffee out in your pretty garden space and stopping to get an ice cream in the afternoon. And the farmer's markets are always fun! I rarely get out to ours, but I need to make that a priority! Thanks for sharing!
    Happy Birthday to Conor. Wow, where have the years gone?
    I'm sad to read about the loss of Igby. 15 is a long life, but that doesn't make the goodbye any less painful. Hugs to you, sweet friend.

  5. Emily, you have been so busy with your house. The new color on the front door looks lovely. Connor looks like he had an amazing birthday. So special you can share it with him. I love farmer’s market. Fresh veggies are so wonderful to cook with. I am so sorry about Igby. A pet loss hurts our hearts. They are such a big part of our family. Your tote look fabulous with the flags. I am. It ready for pumpkins yet as well. Time is flying by. Enjoy August and tell Jim hello.

  6. Your front door color looks so calm and serene, Emily. How nice to get some work done around your home to spruce it up. Your Farmer’s Markets sound looked the perfect spots for you and miss Courtney. I love that you got to spend time with Connor for his 11th Birthday. Your strawberry mango ice cream looks fabulous. Isn’t it amazing how easy and creamy it is? Thank you for the shout out! Also, I’m so sorry about Igby. He was a beloved pet for 15 years.
    Even though it’s 100 degrees here today, I’m not ready for pumpkins either. Take care, sweet friend and enjoy the rest of your summertime. xo

  7. I love the color of your front door, too. It is s beautiful! I'm sorry about Igby. I know your sister is very hurt. It's hurtful when we lose our fur babies!

    I miss a lot of the farmers' markets because we're at the lake so much, but I love stopping by the Stone Hollow Farm's Stand on HWY 280 in Harpersville, and now they have a market open at Pepper Place downtown. Next time you're in town, you must go's amazing!

    Have a wonderful rest of your summer! I can't wait to see you again!


  8. Happy August Emily, I would love to join you in your favorite spot for morning coffee and a book this morning. I noticed you have your Christmas cactus outdoors, and wonder if mine would like a like fresh air since it is an indoors plant. Do you bring it indoors for Christmas? LOL

    I enjoyed reading about all of your activities, and am sorry you lost your sister's sweet boy Igby. Have a great August. xo

  9. Sorry, I am late for TT summer fun posts. I am actually at the beach myself this week.
    You have been busy having painting done at your house. It feels so good to refresh and restore. The color you selected for your front door is so pretty.
    Your trips to Huntsville, Birmingham, and the beach sound like fun. Didn't the summer pass quickly! I wish school did not start so early.
    The tomatoes have been extremely good this year. We had a great BLT yesterday from tomatoes from the Farmers Market. It is a special treat for me to indulge eating white bread!
    Hope you have a great week.

  10. Sorry to hear about Igby! Pets become family members don't they!
    Sounds like you have been having tons of summer fun! I hate the beginning of August, especially since the kids go back to school so quickly.
    No tomatoes here yet, but they are getting light green. I always make a tomato sandwich with my first! I must be southern!!

  11. The tote is having a great summer. I enjoyed all the adventures and love the look of your garden corner, what a perfect place to relax.

  12. Farmers market, ice cream and VERY cute shopping in the garden center. Is it OK to love every single image in this post? Because I do.

    But I'm so sorry to hear about Igby. It is so very hard to say goodbye to such a beloved friend and I know you all miss him terribly.

  13. You really have had fun in the sun!! I love the new door color, subtle but sweet. Kitty's ice cream sounds yummy and always love a good farmers market!! Nothing like fresh produce. Happy belated birthday to your grandson. We have 10 grands, and they are awesome!! Have a good week.




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