Monday, March 23, 2020


My love of Beaxtrix Potter

Fun with Peter Rabbit

With spring in full bloom my sweet Beatrix 

Potter Peter Rabbit  and friends collectibles were just waiting to hop out of storage. 
These sweet figurine music boxes make me smile. Old friends  to spend all this time with makes me happy!

I set the table for two with Peter Rabbit by Wedgewood.

My two place settings gifted to me from my sister many years ago. The music box collection has been collected over years of collecting. My sister also collects these pieces and we had so much fun on the hunt for these. I scattered
the music boxes around the table.

Tom Kitten and Mittens

Blue and white Ralph Lauren placemats and napkins
 Flowers and stems napkins rings from Pottery Barn

Tale of Two Bad Mice Music Box

Bunny and umbrella in the snow


Tale of Gloucester Collection

Spring Wishes from my sweet friend Sarah

The Story of The Tale of Two Kittens

Ducks in a Row ~ Dept 56

Silly Succulent

The Tailor of Gloucester collection
Music Box

Teapot ~ Peter Rabbit by Wedgewood 

I will be leaving these out until Easter. They may move around some after all the Beatrix Potter figurines make an appearance. Like old friends dropping by!

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 ~ Be well and stay safe ~


  1. Emily, I'm happy your pulled these out and set a table. I need to do the same, just haven't taken the time to get things out of the attic. I always love seeing your Peter Rabbit pieces. Your collection of music boxes is indeed special. Stay safe and stay well, sweet friend. Don't take any chances! Your health is too important!!!

  2. Oh this is just the most wonderful collection. All of the pieces make my heart melt. I have some plates but that is all. I saw the Peter Rabbit movie with the kids a couple of years ago. That little rocking chair with Mama and babies - oh my!

  3. Emily, this is so delightful. Stay safe and well dear friend! xo

  4. Adorable and delightful collection! I know you enjoyed each one as you set them out. So many memories I am sure. They are so sweet.
    It reminds me we should watch the movie about Beatrix again. We visited her home in England.
    I have the small tea set still that I gave to my daughter when she was young. I love your napkins, placemats, and napkin rings.
    Take care. I've got to get my act together and do a post. I have been working in the yard and cleaning out closets during our confinement.

  5. What a darling collection and perfect for spring and Easter! I hope this is a good distraction for you and Jim while you stay hunkered down! Stay well and healthy!

  6. Oh Emily how utterly delightful!! I could stay here all day visiting with your bunnies and pretties!! The mama rabbits cuddling their baby bunnies are too adorable! And the teapots, cups, doll house, it's all too adorable! I am so happy you are enjoying your precious collection and staying busy and cheerful! Love the Spring wishes from sweet Sarah too...I am sooo glad you shared with us, I know it gave me a lot of smiles this morning!
    💕 🐇 Jenna

  7. I enjoyed your post! And I love the stories about your collecting with your sister - such warm memories I am sure! You might also like Susan Branch's collection of BP on her website.

  8. What sweet friends that have come out to visit, Emily! A welcome sight amid all the concern. Stay safe.

  9. Oh Emily what a sweet collection you have. So much cuteness to enjoy. I bet it makes you so happy. Sweet bunnies galore. Mama and their darling babies. Love the teapots and the music boxes. I could go on and on. Thank you sharing some cheer.

  10. This is an incredible collection! My son's baby nursery was decorated with Peter Rabbit. I still have my Peter Rabbit book from childhood and the story is so wonderful and cute. Glad I got to see your bunnies!

  11. I am so in love with every photo in this post, I can hardly bear it. I have an overdose of adjectives and superlatives in my head, tumbling out! Darling, enchanting, exquisite, magical, adorable, delightful... I'll stop, but you get the idea. I love Beatrix Potter. She is one of my favorites, my idols, those I so admire through life. I'm glad her stories continue to live on, not only in the books but on your wonderful table!

  12. I had such fun scrolling through each picture and admiring your collection, Emily. I just love that you and your sister both have a collection of Beatrix Potter. It’s also such fun to play with these adorable pieces. We all need to have some joy! Stay safe and well! 😘

  13. Emily, I so enjoyed seeing your BP collection! Especially loved the music boxes. I also have a collection that began when I was an adolescent and I'd receive a figurine every year in my Easter basket. When my sons were young they decorated their nursery. Two years I also created a tablescape that incorporated all twenty-ish figurines in Mr. McGregor's garden. Later this week I'll also being doing a show and tell of my collection. Hop on by!

  14. I love viewing collections. Interesting in themselves, they're also wonderfully evocative of the collector. Happy spring!

  15. Oh, how cheerful! I adore Beaxtrix as well, her gentle wit is the perfect antidote to the craziness. I hope that you are keeping well and safe!




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