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Tiptoe Through the Tulips

It has been a very quiet period since our December 1 post so I am sharing some of my local adventures. We had such a mild winter the tulips have started to bloom. I wanted to visit the tulip festival so I packed up Miss Courtney and Miss Blossom for the drive to American Village Festival of Tulips.
It is a little over an hours drive away. I have to say I was a bit disappointed since the tulip fields were not in full bloom, only a few rows. It was decided to open the festival early since some of the hundred thousand tulips were blooming. Tulips are for sale, you pull the tulip with the bulb and add them to your tote or basket.  I should have waited another week to see more color. With that said, the tulips were beautiful so I may have to visit again.  

So many varieties!

Imagine how beautiful these fields will be in a few weeks

With so much rain the fields were very muddy, you should see my boots!

 Muddy soil releases the tulip with ease

This was my favorite color that was in bloom

Miss Blossom was so helpful to Miss Courtney

And, Tulip cookies!

Other days I have been meeting up with friends for a little shopping and lunch 

Some of these books may show up in my kitchen

Mountain Brook for lunch with Jenna and Ricki Jill for a little  Valentine's Day fun

And, lunch with friends at a favorite Italian spot.

Now for the Giveaway

Just leave a comment with Jenna at The Painted Apron for a chance to win a flower market whisk from MacKenzie-Childs. 

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  1. Oh, how I would love to go to a tulip farm and dig up a few of my favs!! Sadly the deer have eaten all of our tulip bulbs and we have non left here.......they are such a happy sign of spring! I love that you and the other Alabama gals get together now and then - wish we were all closer!! Happy travels!

  2. Oh I love tulips but we do not see them much in this area. I think you have to plant them every year to get them to return consistently. I tried my hand at them and that was the only way I could have tulips. I did see a pretty bouquet at Publix the other day and I may break down and purchase some!

  3. Oh Emily, I adore tulips and so glad that Miss Blossom and Miss Courtney do too. Every year I say I am going to the tulip festival in our state capital, and I never do. I have been to the tulip festival in Ottawa and it was fabulous. Glad you are enjoying shopping trips and lunches with friends, and before we know it, spring will be here with our favorite blooms.

  4. Emily, I love getting a taste of regional events. The tulip event, even though somewhat early in your timing, still looked to be a fun outing. Any day with sunshine and no rain this winter was a gift, am I not right? Going to restaurants with friends is another fun thing, especially when you can do it with tote friends! Thanks for sharing your corner of the world with us!

  5. hi Emily, I so enjoyed seeing the photos of the tulip festival, I can't imagine why they opened it so early, but wow the tulips you got are beautiful, and I am amazed they let people pull them out of the ground, that must make for a mess! We always have so much fun when we get together, and isn't Christine's the quirkiest place! I love the close-up of your tote "jewelry!" I look forward to more lunches with you this year!
    ❤️ Jenna

  6. I enjoyed lunch with you and Jenna so much at Olexa's! We'll have to plan another luncheon soon, maybe at the new Real and Rosemary at the Summit. I love their location in Homewood, too! My mom wants to go to the Festival of Tulips, I think more for my sake than hers because they are my favorite! The pretty pink ones you picked are gorgeous, and I can see why they're your favorite color.

  7. How fun Emily to visit the Tulip farm. I love that color as well. Tulips are so graceful. So glad you got to have lunch with the gals. What a treat to live so close and meet up to have lunch and do some shopping. The tulip cookies are adorable. Looks like Miss Courtney and Miss Blossom had quite the adventure.

  8. What a fun trip to the tulip festival you had, Emily. I like the color of tulip that was your favorite. Oh my, the cookies were adorable! Lunch with Jenna and Ricki Jill must've bee a fun time to catch up. I loved the darling MKC accessory that you shared at the end.

  9. Emily, how fun to go to the tulip farm. I'm going to plan a fieldtrip to the one near me. I just last night learned about it. Can't imagine a tulip farm in central TX, so I hope it is successful. Love the color you selected.
    I have to depend on Trader Joe's for my tulips. I didn't plant any this spring.
    Love seeing your girls! And I love the fact that you and RJ and Jenna live close enough to meet for lunch. How special!!!

  10. So many varieties of tulips and I love them all. Such a gorgeous flower. Good for you. And I adore the cookbooks as well, want them all.

  11. I just love that you got to pick the tulips so you really know the bulbs are going to be that color. I have purchased many a tulip and didn't get the color I was hoping for. I adore the pinks you chose.
    How fun that Jenna and Ricki Jill got to meet you for lunch! Jealous!!!
    You made me want to make a cookie bouquet now!

  12. The tulips are so pretty. The pink is my favorite color of tulips.

  13. The tulips were pretty. It is so hard to time things just right with flowers. I enjoyed a Christmas luncheon and tour to the American Village several years ago near Christmas. You must plan to attend that because it was very enjoyable. They had professional singers and actors for skits depicting historical figures in colonial America all in costumes.

  14. Coucou Emily, une jolie balade au pays des tulipes mais dommage qu'elles ne soient pas plus fleuries. Heureusement tu as pu cueillir un magnifique bouquet de tulipes roses.
    J'aime aussi beaucoup ces petites rencontres entre amies pour un déjeuner ou une balade shopping, c'est tellement agréable.
    Très belle semaine, gros bisous.

  15. Those tulips are lovely! They're one of my favorite flowers.

  16. Loads of fun in your world, Emily. I would die at that tulip farm, just die! I adore tulips (those cookies are cute, too -- I should find a tulip cutter -- how fun to decorate and display that way!) Your lunch with Jenna and RJ sounds such fun. And the MKC store would be such a temptation. All wonderful, I think!




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