Thursday, April 9, 2020


Decorating an Easter Tree

Easter is being celebrated a little different this year but it will be celebrated. Usually we would have all or some of our family here and I would be busy with a menu plan, setting a table in the dining room and unpacking a lot of bunnies. This year I have set a table for two in the breakfast room since Alabama has a "stay at home" plan in effect and my family won't be able to travel here. I will miss them terribly but the most important thing is they stay safe. I did enjoy pulling my Beatrix Potter collectibles out and used music boxes, figurines and Peter Rabbit place settings here if you missed it. All the bunnies remain packed away but I wanted to use the Beatrix Potter ornaments. I needed a tree. I would love to have a pastel color or white tree but nothing like that in my stash. But, I do have a
Patience Brewster Krinkles tabletop Christmas tree.  
Umm, it has high heel elf shoes and they are red! Definitely won't do. I am low on all craft supplies and ribbons but I found a small roll of pretty light lavender ribbon,
I always loved this color for spring and Easter. Not enough to do the entire tree but I wrapped every
other branch to give it a spring look. Then I though what shall I do about the shoes! I have Easter grass, perfect. 

Beatrix Potter Ornaments

Some of these were gifts I gave to my Mother
in law and she returned them back to me when she started to down size. 

Jay Strongwater Ornaments
These were gifts from my sister

Pottery Barn Eggs

 These are some of my favorite collectibles, they are just so sweet. My Easter tree was fun to decorate and I've enjoyed having it on the kitchen island. It's nice to use this little tree again, not just for Christmas. It was a Christmas gift from my son and daughter in law.
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  1. Happy Easter Emily and Jim! Your Easter treasures put a smile on my face. Take good care.

  2. I love your Easter tree! Your collectibles are so elegant! They made me smile also.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful treasures and if I can stay out of the yard working today I might pull out my little wooden ornaments form the 80's. I used to spray a limb white and anchor it in a vase. I should do it but we will see.
    We are all experiencing a different Easter but it will have special blessings as always.
    Happy Easter.

  3. Emily, your Easter tree is perfect for the island, and I know it was fun to create. These little diversions are just what we need while we stay at home. I'm setting my table for two today. I think I'll do something totally different than I've done in past years. Happy Easter, sweet friend!

  4. Awww, so sweet Emily. Love your Easter tree and the precious ornaments. Take care and stay safe. Easter can be enjoyed at home by ourselves.

  5. How lovely!! I had a friend who collected the Beatrix Potter porcelain figures and she kept them in a curio cabinet. I loved to look at them. Happy Easter.

  6. Oh how sweet Emily! You have so many beautiful ornaments! I am delighted you found a way to create a tabletop Easter tree, and love the clever way you wrapped part of it with lavender ribbon :) I hope you and Jim enjoy this Easter weekend, I know how much you miss your family. I miss my daughter and her family so much, we've never not spent Easter together...but luckily for them, they moved back into their new house 1 day before things started shutting down, and luckily I went by for a quick visit and saw them before isolation began! I miss you and our lunches together!!

  7. I love this, Emily. Oh, to see it in person! The Potter characters, of course, are a favorite and they make a wonderful "surround" for the tree. And I love how you used the shred grass to cover the shoes (although they are mighty cute shoes!) The decorations are really pretty and the ribbon wrap really does spring everything up. To be honest, I was so enamoured by the eggs and decorations, I didn't realize they were green branches till I read about the wrapping. It's just beautiful, Emily.

    I send you all good wishes for a lovely, if unique, Easter. Much joy.

  8. How very special with all the sentimentality in the ornaments and tree itself. Happy Easter, Emily.

  9. Your Easter tree is beautiful, Emily, and put a smile on my face, as I know it does yours, too. All the ornaments are just so darling. Happy Easter to you and your family as we celebrate in a different way this year.

  10. Coucou Emily, comme il est beau ton arbre de Pâques, décoré avec beaucoup d'originalité. C'est une très belle idée de ré-utiliser l'arbre de Noël.
    Tu possèdes de magnifiques décorations pascales, je craque complètement.
    Très bon week-end de Pâques, gros bisous.

  11. Loved your tree, also loved the prior Beatrix post!!! Thank you for making my day a little brighter!!!!!!




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