Wednesday, August 26, 2020


Soleil and Sunflowers

Since the lockdown and not being able to entertain family or friends I've been keeping my breakfast table set with a pretty table setting, just for the pure pleasure of enjoying. My local market (open air for safety) has been a good source for fresh flowers all summer. These past weeks the market is covered up with sunflowers. Since I love the bright sunny days of August and  September, my Quimper Soleil was the perfect choice. It reminds me to enjoy the last days of summer sunshine as fall starts to slowly appear with its subtle changes.

MacKenzie-Childs market Tote,
a gift from my sister

Here comes the sun! Beautiful sunflowers for this bright sunny centerpiece. The heavy glass sunflower pitcher is the perfect vessel, a gift from my mother-in-law many years ago

Sunny and bright, Quimper Soleil
One of the reasons I love this pattern is the bright sunny color. It has always reminded me of the sun! 

French to English:
  1. soleil:
  2. Wiktionary:

These gorgeous black and white linen placemats are from Crown Linen Designs. Thanks Sarah, for introducing us

Candleholders and Salt and Pepper

Tulip mugs, figures and flowers

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  1. I love the sunny, bright Quimper that looks beautiful with the sunflowers. Your table is stunning

  2. Thank you for sharing the sunshine!

  3. Now that table must make you smile whenever you see it, Emily! It sure made me smile with its cheeriness. The filled sunflower 🌻 pitcher is so pretty with your Quimper collection. Love those placemats, too. Thanks for the beauty. 😊

  4. Sunflowers are always so cheerful, they never have a bad day. Or a headache.

  5. Emily such a beautiful and sunny Quimper table with the sunflowers. The gorgeous black and white linen placemats are the perfect addition to the table. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  6. This. This is the most perfect table setting! It is warm, summery, beautiful. It says "France" all over the place! I love the Quimper so much. This is a collection I wish I'd started a long time ago and I'm so thrilled I can see it in your blog, on your gorgeous table. The sunflowers are perfect. Do you feel very Provencal here? I do! Nothing could be nicer. If I ever get to your world and you invite me for tea, will you do this same setting?

  7. Emily, you know this fills my heart with sunny thouughts of our time spent on the Cote d Azur. I've always admired your beautiful set of soleil Quimper dishes. The Crown Linens look perfect with them! You need to share some of these photos with Lucy for the QCI web page. This would be a perfect additionn.
    Happy Thursday, dear friend!

  8. Emily, that Quimper makes a beautiful table, especially with the sunflowers and Crown Linen placemats (which I also scored a set of!). I've been keeping a table set as part of my decor as well. It just makes me happy to walk by and see a beautiful table, and allows me a fun activity, playing with the collections I've kept. I'm sure you feel the same, as you've said.
    With the start of the school year, and high hurricane season, I think we're in for few more rough months to have to ride navigate. Praying we all stay safe. xo

  9. Coucou Emily, qu'elle est jolie cette vaisselle de Quimper, je ne m'en lasse pas et associée aux tournesols, c'est magnifique !
    Belle fin de semaine, bisous de Bretagne.

  10. So lovely Emily. I adore you Quimper collection. So pretty and cheerful. The sunflowers are so fun! Spreading sunshine is such a need thing right now. I do love the black and white checked placemats. A lovely table to brighten my day.

  11. So pretty. Perfect viewing for what is turning into a gloomy evening and several days of savage weather.

  12. What a beautiful collection of Quimper! This setting certainly must brighten your day - so cheery!

  13. I love love sunflowers Emily, and they are perfectly paired with your sunny yellow Quimper pieces! I love the Quimper candle holders and salt and pepper, what fun pieces! The yellow dishes look so good on the black and white checks. It makes me so happy to know you are enjoying your beautiful things even if it's only for the 2 of you! We need sunflowers to brighten this dreary rainy day! Thank you for the dose of sunshine 🌞🌻




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