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Every new season for me includes pulling and rotating some of my collections. I wanted to use this beautiful harvest garland as a centerpiece on the dining room table. 

This colorful dried garland is perfect for using during the autumn season. The garland was gifted to me by my sweet sister. The botanicals included in the garland are blue lavender, Mexican sage, achillea, golden yarrow and orange safflowers. Herbs include marjoram, thyme sage, bayleaves and pepper berries.  The scent is heavenly, I wish you could smell the herbs!
I decided to add a few fresh flowers and plants to the centerpiece, a vase of flowers with similar colors and small terra-cotta potted flowering plants.

Baby boos and a few faux flowers round out the centerpiece with a few other Quimper pieces.

My favorite Quimper faience border is used on these decorative plates,
Ajonc and Bruyere (also know as gorse and heather). 
These flowering plants are native to the British Isles and Western Europe. Some  plates have one figure, a bretonne (woman) or a man (breton) and some have a couple. Ive enjoyed collecting these plates over the years.

My favorite piece, this platter with a musician, I found displayed on a hutch at the Quimper boutique in Paris. I am sad to say this shop is no longer there.  

Hand painted, these pieces are truly "works of art"

A Quimper vase and kerosene oil lamp

Canadian Maple Leaves 
A souvenir from the QCI meeting I attended in Seattle and British Columbia 

The wreath has the some of the same colors as the garland. It's not dried but faux flowers and herbs. It looks remarkably like the real ones. I've had it for years, found at the Pierre Deux shop at Miami Circle in Atlanta. Sadly, those shops went out of business in 2011

Thank you if you are still here, a lot of photos! I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my treasured Quimper plates in this table setting. I think the colors found in the plates are lovely alongside the colors in the garland. I hope you will leave a comment, it's the only way I know you stopped by.



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  1. Oh Emily, your table is gorgeous! That garland is a show stopper by itself but your additions of baby boos and fresh flowers and Quimper are simply delightful! Talk about eye candy, there is so much to see and enjoy! Your dining room is a fall celebration and it makes me smile to think of you happily playing and arranging your favorite things :) Beautiful 🥰

  2. Emily, your sweet sister sent a gorgeous garland. It's perfect down your table with all the extras of fresh flowers and special Quimper pieces. It's such fun to see Q out on the table and used. I was just thinking about setting a table or tea tray with some Q myself. Happy Autumn, sweet friend. This post makes me smile with delight.

  3. What a lovely tablescape and the Quimper is perfect for this time of the year.

  4. Gorgeous display on your table. The garland is so pretty. Fresh flowers are a pop of color with this lovely garland. Adding the baby boos is perfect for fall. I absolutely adore your collection of Quimper. I bet it looks even more fabulous in person.

  5. I love it when you have a lot of photos because they are always glorious! Oh, that is really a stunner and it is perfect with the Quimper. Those plates are just exquisite, as are all your additional pieces. The dishes and the flowers and items you used in the centerpiece seem as though they were made to be used together. I can't think of a lovelier display.

  6. I did love seeing your garland centerpiece and how you enhanced it with all your flowers and special Quimper pieces. What’s so nice about blogging, is seeing our friend’s homes and all their special touches. I love that oil lamp, Emily, and all your pretty works of art plates. Thank you for sharing with us! Happy Fall!

  7. Your dining room looks exquisite! The garland is stunning and intertwining the Quimper pieces, flowers, and pumpkins in the garland looks so elegant.
    You have such lovely Quimper pieces. I'm enchanted.

  8. Emily, your garland on the table is a perfect complement to your outstanding Quimper collected pieces. Your sister obviously adores you and wanted you to welcome the new season with enthusiasm. And it obviously triggered your creative juices! The details of your Quimper figures remind me of some of my favorite pastoral figural beaded purses - so lovely! And that kerosene lamp is beautiful. It's so nice that you've had the opportunity to actually be at the Quimper and Pierre Deux factories/stores. Wouldn't it be nice if we could have some sense of normalcy in gathering at the table? I suppose our virtual gathering will do. Thank you for inviting us in to yours! Happy Fall, Emily.

  9. Emily, I love seeing your beautiful collections. Your garland on the table is a perfect complement to your Quimper pieces. And that kerosene lamp is beautiful. Have a great week!

  10. Wow, Emily, your dining table vignette is stunning, and it is perfect for autumn! The Quimper pieces are perfect! I would love to see your collection one day. I still haven't decorated for fall yet, only six tiny pumpkins so far!

  11. Emily, your garland is divine. To see all that gorgeous Quimper next to it is even more stunning. What a lovely way to welcome the season! xo Lidy

  12. Your Quimper faience goes perfect with your beautiful garland...the dining room just speaks of the beauty of fall.

  13. So much prettiness, Emily. I love china and the flowers are wonderful. So nice to see such rich jewel-like colors after all the pastels of summer.




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