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Tales of the Traveling Tote

 Welcome to another adventure of The Tales of the Traveling Tote. This is where my fellow Tales of the Traveling Tote friends and I share our latest travels, projects and our most current events. You will have an opportunity to visit other members at the end of this post and learn about our giveaway.


Monte Sano State Park
Huntsville, Alabama

While visiting family in Huntsville a few weeks before Thanksgiving we visited Monte Sano State Park. It was a beautiful day to enjoy views that stretched for miles. The mountain is known for its nature trails, hiking and mountain biking.   

Burritt's on the Mountain
which overlooks the city of Huntsville from a 3000 Square foot overlook, The View
visit here

The Views

View of the city of Huntsville, know as The Rocket City

Miss Courtney with city views

The Trails

  Camping on the mountain 

Stella Blue loves to camp!

Connor on the trails

This is the smile you see after a great practice ride!

While we were in the city I visited one of my favorite garden shops, The Greenery. A lovely start for Christmas shopping

Thank you for your visit. I hope you enjoyed seeing a little of Monte Sano's sweeping views of the city and lovely nature trails.

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  1. Such beautiful views, Emily! I know you enjoy time with your son and his family. I can't believe how grown up Connor is. He was such a little guy when you first started blogging.
    Your visit to the Greenery would put anyone in the Christmas spirit. What a fun store. Thanks for sharing.
    Happy Holidays ahead!

  2. Nice visit, Emily! One of my nieces lives in Huntsville and runs a Card My Yard franchise there. She loves her home city. Connor loves his sport and that's such a good thing for him. He's a handsome young man. The Greenery looks very tempting! I am so bad at wanting jew Christmas decor. It's probably my my biggest decor collection, even after purging and moving twice. Happy December, my friend!

  3. What great views! Connor has grown up so quickly and he must have really enjoyed the trails by that cute smile on his face! The gift shop looks like a place I would also enjoy! I hope you and Jim have a wonderful holiday season!

  4. What gorgeous views, and trails you shared, Emily, but my favorite was seeing Connor on his mountain bike and his sweet smile. The Greenery looks like a beautiful shop to visit. Thanks for sharing your adventures. ❤️

  5. The state park is beautiful, I am not very familiar with the Northern parts of our state so it was a treat for me to visit virtually. Connor looks very happy on his bike riding the trails, what a handsome young man! All that pretty glass and the Christmas shop, those bears are so cute, did you buy one? I'm so glad you've gotten to spend time with your family again, and I know you're very excited about seeing your sister for Christmas. Happy December Emily!

  6. Such a great state park. Pretty views all around. Connor is certainly growing up before our very eyes. The gift shop looks fabulous with those pretty glass pieces, plus the darling bears. It would be awesome to visit the Greenery. Enjoy the holidays Emily.

  7. Huntsville is such a beautiful city, isn't it! Thanks for sharing your pretty photos with us, especially the views from Burritt's! Have you watched any of Connor's competitions lately? I bet they're fun events. I need to take a road trip to the Huntsville Museum of Art and check out the latest exhibits. It's a wonderful museum!

    PS You'll laugh at this....La Countess de Monet had to stay in the car because she's not allowed in Bryant Denny Stadium (DOH!)....

  8. That's a beautiful park! And a wonderful little shop, too. Love those polar bears and seeing all the fall color and trees. Big smiles, Emily! We're into the busy season. Take care, stay well and have a wonderful December!

  9. Coucou Emyly, je découvre avec beaucoup de plaisir ce magnifique parc avec ses jolies couleurs d'automne encore ! Coup de coeur pour Stella Blue, divine !
    Jolie visite également de cette boutique où j'espère tu as trouvé ton bonheur pour le décor de la maison pour Noël !
    A très vite, bon mois de décembre. Bisous,

  10. Great views from Monte Sano. Looks like the weather was perfect for your outing and fun especially for Conner.
    I think I told you that my kids moved from Hampton Cove into Huntsville. I love the Greenery and miss getting to go as often. We were in Huntsville for Thanksgiving.
    Going back to click on your link. I've learned not to go back before I publish my comment.
    December is going to fly by but we always get most of our to do list done. Enjoy the time.

  11. Burritts on the Mountain was very interesting. We went some years back when our kids first moved there. I made a lot of pictures and don't think I ever did a blog post with them. I will have to see if I can find them. Wish I knew the year.
    Again, enjoy all the festivities coming up this month.

  12. Miss Courtney looks so happy in the park. Connor must really enjoy his grandparents visits, and he has the nicest smile. Your visit to the Greenery would put anyone in the Christmas spirit. Love those polar bears, and seeing Stella Blue in the woods. Wishing you a Happy December Emily!




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