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Welcome to another adventure of The Tales of the Traveling Tote. This is where my fellow Tales of the Traveling Tote friends and I share our latest travels, projects and our most current events. You will have an opportunity to visit other members at the end of this post and learn about our giveaway.

Tales in the Time of Quarantine 

Since we couldn't find masks my sweet sister-in-law made them for my entire family. She also made and donated them for doctor's offices and friends
Spring has come and gone here and it was lovely. Now it feels like summer with hot humid days. 

With time spent at home during this "Stay Home" order, we have been enjoying our own backyard. In the past we have been so fortunate to travel so I though I would set-up for a picnic and share our travel memories.

Jim and I began our weekend with hanging the flag on our side porch. 

We enjoy having our morning coffee on the veranda. 

Jim loves to cook out so ribs are on the grill for slow cooking all day to enjoy picnic style while watching the sun set in the evening

I got busy setting-up for our picnic 

We enjoyed a sandwich and lemonade for lunch and the afternoon was spent relaxing on the grass in the shade and enjoying photos and discussing our favorite destinations

Since we haven't traveled in this time of Quarantine I found a few of my favorite photos in one of many travel albums and with the help of photoshop, we have a tour today!

"Miss Courtney goes to Paris"

Here Miss Courtney is ready for the day,
Hotel Concorde Saint Lazar, a favorite 
Paris Hotel 

Jim and me in front of Notre Dame

Shakespeare and Company
We always have to stop here, a short walk from Notre Dame

I have several staircase photos from the
Louvre. It is fun to visit the gift shop in this area for souvenirs and please excuse any out of proportion

Behind me stands the Marble Statue of the Winged Victory of Samothrace, the Louvre

This is the walk up the Rue Steinkerque from the base of Sacred Hill to Sacre-Coeur. The street is lined with discount fabric and upholstery shops. I purchased two decorative pillows here 

Maille Mustard 
I always visit this shop to select a new mustard pot to add to my collection 

Boutique shopping on a Parisian street
where Miss Courtney is happy to hang out

Chateau De Malmaison
The home of Napoleon and Josephine is a short train ride outside of Paris. Well worth the time

And, a final rainy evening in Paris for shopping!  

Back to the picnic.....
We enjoyed our photos while sharing memories of our travels.
And, now time to enjoy dinner and the amazing ribs Jim has been smoking all day.

Before the sun goes down a Red, White and Blue dessert was enjoyed

Cream cheese pound cake with homemade whipped cream and berries.

And, just as the sun sets, a 
Peach Bellini toast
"Travel Memories"

A Paris Sunset


A backyard picnic sunset

I am grateful to have seen so many sunsets in far-away places. But now, during this time of quarantine, I am thankful to be in my own backyard!

Now for the Giveaway

Just leave a comment with Linda here for a chance to win a four piece set of Feather Canape Knives  from MacKenzie-Childs. 


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  1. Emily, your own backyard can rival any faraway destination! What a gift to have the space and time to relish what is yours at home. Of course, the Paris trip photos are also a treat. Every time I see photos from past trips, or watch movies now, my mind is constantly challenging what I see as currently taboo - shoulder to should contact, and all the various crowds. The stay at home quarantine has apparently had a good effect in training our former natural ways of thinking and doing things. Let's hope we'll benefit from all the restrictions we've had imposed over the past few months as we move forward. I still think celebrating at home can win every time. After all, even when we travel, aren't we always catching ourselves saying, "Home, sweet home" when we return? Happy June, my friend!

  2. Oh Emily, what a delightful post! Thank for the trip to Paris, so many gorgeous photos and places! How wonderful to prepare a picnic in your own backyard and reminisce about your travels. Your yard looks beautiful and that is quite a picnic basket! It is amazing how much we have really learned to appreciate the little things, like even being able to get a rack of ribs for the BBQ! I loved what you said at the end about being grateful to be in your own backyard...I hope you will be able to see your family soon, and that the country has a safe re-opening, and that I can see you soon!
    💕 Jenna

  3. Well I feel as if I took a mini vacation just armchair traveling. We are hoping to take a mini vacay in July and then heading to Gulf Shores as usual in September.

  4. What a beautiful backyard picnic and those ribs look fantastic! That was so fun to go along to Paris with you! It is truly my favorite too! You told me of some new places I need to go. I can't believe you could get a shot all by yourself on the steps inside the Louvre. That is fabulous!

  5. Emily, your backyard picnic looks so inviting. Your yard is so beautiful with lots of garden flowers. Yummy ribs for dinner sounds fantastic. Loved seeing your fabulous photos from Paris. So many wonderful memories.To be thankful for our very own backyard is so important. I feel blessed in ours and I know you and Jim feel that way too. I am so looking forward to seeing you on Zoom. We missed you last time. Have a wonderful week.

  6. Emily, I'm sitting here in awe of your clever Photo Shop excursions with Miss Courtney in Paris! I'm closing my eyes and mentally taking myself back to these favorite Parisian spots. You and I share so many things in common!
    The backyard picnic is another clever way to shelter in place. Bravo for Jim and his grilling skills! Everything looks inviting and delicious. I'd enjoy sitting on that blanket looking through your travel albums. See you later for Zoom!

  7. What a wonderful trip down memory lane, Emily, of your travels to France. Your picnic and your dinner, complete with dessert and a Bellini looked fabulous. Those berry plates are my all time favorite MCK pieces...swoon! Happy summer to you, Emily! ❤️

  8. It's fun to look back on your trips, and I LOVE your patriotic themed post. I love Memorial Day! It's such an important holiday to honor those who gave their lives to protect our freedoms (plus it's the unofficial start of summer). I hope we can get together soon! :D

    Lovely post, My Friend!
    Ricki Jill

  9. Emily, thank you for this special post about your trips to Paris! Just yesterday, our Paris trip anniversary came up as a reminder in my photos. I’m glad you could celebrate at home with a backyard picnic. Jim can cook us ribs anytime! Here’s to a wonderful summer, and even better fall. xo

  10. Oh Emily, I will go back time and again to look at your wonderful travel photos. Ah, Paris -- you know that touches me so. And that last sunset -- wow! I have a photographer friend who says "I'd rather be lucky than good" and you were so lucky to have such a fabulous backdrop! I love that you reviewed your photos and shared them.

    Your veranda is just so very beautiful. If that was right outside my door, I think I might spend all day, every day there. It's a beautiful setting and of course all your touches make it all the more so! Happy week, my friend!

  11. Wow, tell Jim his ribs look delicious and your dessert looks fabulous too. What a fun picnic you had enjoying your Paris photos. I wish I had known about the Maille Mustard shop close to Notre Dame. I enjoyed your pictures very much. I never tire of Paris pictures.In all our trips we have not visited Chateau Malmasion. I would enjoy that.`
    I agree our own backyards are pretty nice.
    I'm glad to report we are at the beach with our daughter's family for an already scheduled family vacation. So glad the dates were after things opened up. It is so good to be with our family.

  12. What a fun way to spend an afternoon - If you cant be there, visiting thru photos and reminiscing is the next best thing. I love your picnic set up in your pretty back yard. And the meal looks delish. I haven't been to Paris yet, but maybe someday! Stay well...and looking forward to our Zoom call!

  13. A wonderful post, Emily. I enjoyed both your glorious picnic and the Parisian adventure.




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