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More Tales in the Time of Covid19

All travel for us in 2020 was cancelled with Covid! So, what have I been doing to keep busy? 

We are still being cautious about going out only when we need to and then we go early and try to avoid crowds. Being outside a lot during the summer helped when you need to stay home.   Early summer we were adding new container plants to the Veranda and I've enjoyed adding flowers for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Summer was really hot so time spent outside now is comfortable with our mild temperatures. We've cleaned up flower beds, cleaned up our little garden and now I look forward to adding Christmas greenery outside. 
Miss Courtney is a great little helper. While working in or out of the house she is filled to the brim and helps carry all things!

Labor Day

  Miss Courtney was helping carry supplies outside for the veranda. She helps every holiday, what did I ever do without her!!!!

I made several trips to the garden center. Early opening trips when hardly anyone is there 

Well, this plant didn't quite fit!

Cinderella pumpkins and mums for the kitchen entrance

Fall plants loaded up for the veranda

Neighborhood ponds
I love riding my bicycle to the ponds to see the wildlife

Autumn's glorious color

And, back to the garden center for Christmas plants

 Miss Courtney has been helpful with all my plants for the garden, fall and now Christmas. We do have a way of overlapping Thanksgiving and Christmas. That's okay because they are favorite holidays. 

Now for the Giveaway!

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  1. Emily, well, you managed to get Miss Courtney out a fair amount this fall! I love seeing the seasons in retrospect. It just goes to show that even the simplest of things can deliver joy if you're receptive to it. Let's just hope there's a vaccine soon and that we'll be able to safely take it and move forward.

  2. Emily, such a fabulous post with all of the plants and trees from the garden center. Miss Courtney looks right at home with all of the lovely plants. Yes, Thanksgiving flows right in with Christmas. Here's to a wonderful Christmas holiday and hopefully a brand new year free of covid.

  3. I love seeing Miss Courtney mingling with flowers, pumpkins and holiday plants! We have had a beautiful fall to enjoy outside and it looks like you took full advantage of the weather! I agree, our totes can truly be work horses, they hold just about anything and always look beautiful! I hope you and Jim have a very Merry December, and I can’t wait until we can resume our lunches again!

  4. Miss Courtney is the best helper! I'm going to nickname her Garden Girl! I admit, Miss Merri Mac is often full and toting things up and down the stairs. Perfect companion!
    We had our first freeze last night. I had covered most things, but didn't cover two pots with zinnias. Time to visit the nursery for some more cyclamen! Happy Holidays to you and Jim.

  5. I don't go anywhere except to the Pig and the local nurseries. I'm getting antsy! We do have a few trips planned for May, and I'm hopeful we'll be able to go.

    Your neighborhood is so pretty. Y'all had a pretty autumn, especially around the ponds. I love your photos! Thanks for sharing them with us. :D

    I hope you are enjoying our freezing weather. Did y'all get any snow yesterday?


  6. Beautiful photos of your neighborhood ponds and leaves!! We also have a few ponds in our small neighborhood and they are loaded with fish and frogs!! Your plants are beautiful - and those pumpkins are adorable!! (especially the velvet ones!! Hopefully we will all be traveling again soon! Enjoy the holiday season!!

  7. Hello, dear Emily! I love all the beautiful pics of Miss Courtney! And she's such a great helper, too! We never go out. Can't wait til the vaccine comes out and we can get to living our lives again! Have a great week! xx

  8. You know, I have never gone to the garden center for Christmas! All of your photos there for Christmas plants look so fabulous. I am going to have to go out and try that. We were gone all day today with girlfriends shopping and loading the car for Christmas! It was so much fun, but now we have another place to try.

  9. What a beautiful area for your walks, Emily. I love a fence! And so lovely at the garden center. I missed going to the greens market this year. Looks like probably faux wreaths for me, but next year...! All the photos are just gorgeous!

  10. Love to see all the beautiful pictures of Miss Courtney. It will be such a joy when people are back to enjoying being outside again. We just moved to Dublin, Ohio and will love to meet our neighbors one day, hopefully soon.

  11. How nice! You and the tote really are making the best of a bad situation. I'm also doing more work around the house than I would on a normal year, at least we'll have something to show for it :-)

  12. Glad you and Miss Courtney cautiously ventured out together. Having your helper brings joy, and your pictures are beautiful. We had Thanksgiving at our camp this year, just the two of us. A first as we are being very cautious. Can't wait until we can start living our lives again. Have a great week. xx

  13. Miss Courtney is such a helper to you, Emily! I loved seeing your outings to the garden cemetery and your rides in your bike. Happy December! ❤️🎄❤️




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