Sunday, February 7, 2021



Meet Willow, she arrived this past Friday in a very tall box, a Valentine gift from my sister. Willow is a tall moss filled rabbit wearing a skirt of English ivy. She carries a moss basket. Today she is celebrating Valentine's Day and her basket is filled with dried pink roses she picked up along the path in the woods. 

Willow makes a lovely and romantic centerpiece for a Valentine's Day table in the study

Willow is darling with her skirt of ivy and red velvet ribbon is her favorite for Valentines's day. 

For the Tablescape

The day is cold with a soft snow falling. The moss path through the woods is covered with a light dusting of snow while Willow is covered from head to toe with snowflakes!

Round linen placemat from Etsy

Place setting, one of my favorite dish sets

 Johnson Bros Old Britain Castles

Charger, dinner plate and soup/salad bowl

Flatware is Laguiole 

Linen napkins from Crown Linen Design

 Willow is enjoying being the center of attention for Valentine's Day. I think she is already looking forward to Easter and Spring. After all, her ivy skirt goes with everything!

I hope you will leave a comment, it's the only way I know you dropped by. 

Happy Valentine's Day


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  1. Willow is adorable, and I love how it appears as though the wind is catching her floppy ears from behind. I can see how this sweet gift inspired, and I spy Miss Courtney too - smart! Happy February, Emily!

  2. Oh Emily, how cute is this! What a lovely gift from your sister, and Willow looks adorable decked out for Valentine's Day with her red ribbon and pink roses! The snow is wonderful and I love the metal houses and other elements of your centerpiece...of course your china is gorgeous, and those napkins, oh la la! The mini domes holding fancy cupcakes are wonderful! You and Willow will have much fun hopping around this Spring, and you're right, her ivy skirt goes with everything! Thanks for the smiles this morning ❤️

  3. How sweet your sister is! Willow is adorable and so is your table for Valentine's Day in the study. I love the Old Britain Castle's transferware, Crown Linen napkins, linen placemats and your darling cupcake in your cloche! The tin houses are delightful too.

  4. Hello, Willow! Emily, your valentine table for two is so inviting. The snowy details lend winter touch to this special holiday. The linens are the perfect touch with your Old Britain Castles. Everything says Valentine, you are special!

  5. Willow is so adorable. Such a pretty and thoughtful gift from your sister. Love her little skirt and the basket of roses. Such a charming Valentine table. The china is perfect. More snow? Wow, I love seeing the snow covered trees. Stay cozy and happy Valentines to you and Jim.

  6. Willow is a wonder! And speaking of wonders, what a wonderful sister you have. Such a delightful surprise and thoughtful gift. As a centerpiece, she steals the show, though that's a tough act with your beautiful china and those fabulous napkins. Perfection, Emily! Delightfully fun and romantically whimsical, too!

  7. Oh my Emily, Willow is wonderful!!! I love the way her ears are flowing. I have a faux one that’s miss covered and has faux ivy. Your real one is adorable. Wasn’t that the sweetest gift from your sister?? Of course, I love your red transferware and that cupcake under the cloche. Your linens are so pretty for ❤️ Day!!

  8. Your sister has excellent taste: Willow is beautiful! She makes the prettiest centerpiece for your gorgeous Valentine's Day table. :D Plus you can dress her up for all the holidays. I hope I see a lot of her in the future!

  9. Willow is such a darling! I see a lot of candy in her future.

  10. I'm totally smitten with Willow and her precious ivy attire. so adorable. She makes your Valentine's Day tablescape with the red transferware even more lovely!

  11. The name Willow is really popular now days, my neighbors got a puppy and named it willow.
    Your Willow is adorable and who wouldn't want that bunny?
    Your table is beautiful of course. Yes I am still being careful about going out with friends, I have one friend who goes everywhere.




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