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Tales of the Traveling Tote

 Welcome to another adventure of The Tales of the Traveling Tote. This is where my fellow Tales of the Traveling Tote friends and I share our latest travels, projects and our most current events. You will have an opportunity to visit other members at the end of this post and learn about our giveaway


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We have had more that our share of cold weather this winter. Hot, mild and cold, you name it we've had it. With so much cold weather and Covid we have been staying close to home. 

Miss Courtney was a great helper during the holidays

A great way to stash stockings 
to be hung on Christmas Eve

This large tote is wonderful for helping to carry an armful of plates

And holding pillows and wraps

Snow Days

Finally, wonderful spring like days to enjoy a drive to Trader Joe's 

Almost 80 degrees and I am so ready for spring. A trip to the garden center is in order!

Spring flowers, enjoy...

It was a fun afternoon with flowers but even if it's hot here it is early for planting. We will certainly have more cold weather. We have been know to have snow in March and early April. 
So what came home with me? 

Daffodils are my favorite!

Daffs to enjoy inside and will be transplanted in the garden beds later
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  1. Spring has come your way nice and early. So refreshing to see all the blossoms and blooms. Thanks for taking us along on your get away for the day. CherryKay

  2. Whenever I see Daffodils I think of you Emily! All your photographs are beautiful, I loved going to the garden center with you! A trip to Trader Joe's always lifts my spirits, it's fun to poke around in there and come home with unexpected goodies. I do think are totes are handy for carrying a variety of things and I keep mine ready and handy. Our weather has been crazy, and you're right, much too early to plant spring flowers, even though it's tempting. I can't wait until we can resume our lunches and get togethers!

  3. Well, you certainly made utilitarian use of Miss Courtney over the past few months. Beautiful daffodils! I am trying to put all of winter in the rear view, but March has certainly come in like a lion here in our area. We are experiencing much flooding and mudslides from the previous ice storms, snow and most recent rains. In spite of it all, Happy March!

  4. Lovely post Emily. Miss Courtney looks right at home at Trader Joe’s and the nursery. Sounds like our life too. Staying close to home and just outings to the local nursery. The flowers make everything cheerful. The daffodils 🌼 are so lovely. I wish they lasted longer. Staying safe is so important. Hopefully we can get to a normal life in the near future. Happy March.

  5. Miss Courtney is such a great little helper, isn't she! You are encouraging me to be naughty today by going out and buying lots of flowers...since the weather is so awful today, it might be a fun outing! I look forward to when we can resume our lunches with Jenna. I miss y'all!!! :D

  6. Emily, your gorgeous flower photos are feeding my soul! I'm so ready to have colorful blooms in the garden, but currently the task at hand is cleaning out all that the dead plants the winter storm left behind. It's a chore, but making progress! Lucky you to have all that color available in the plant centers.
    Love using our bags to haul things about. They are the perfect helper! Beautiful post!

  7. What a bright and cheery post to give me a morning lift, Emily! All those pretty flowers from TJ's and the garden center make me long for spring.

  8. Oh, those flowers brightened this grey, gloomy day we are having! I am so anxious for spring! Ms Courtney looks so fabulous with all those pretty colors. Enjoy your daffys!

  9. Your snow was pretty and gave excitement I'm sure without lingering inconvenience.

    How pretty your garden center is! Love all the tulips and daffodils. I am so ready for spring.
    It is raining here today steady all day so far. It is a sleepy day.
    Have a great week. Wishing for sunshine.

  10. I was wild with envy with your trip to TJs! We tried to go on Saturday but the line was so long outside we knew it was too much for us. Not just the waiting but also the amount of people. I love their flowers and seeing your glorious photos just makes me swoon! Oh, how beautiful. I should be able to go out a little more soon and I think a trip to the nursery might be on my agenda. I need some bulb gardens! Have a wonderful week, Emily!

  11. Lovely post Emily. You and Miss Courtney surely picked out some beautiful daffodils! We planted daffodils and tulips in the fall, and look forward to their pretty blooms. Happy March!

  12. Emily, Miss Courtney makes a perfect carry all. Our weather has really been up and down. We only received a small dusting of snow in NE AL. I love Trader Joe’s but like you I have an hour drive to get there. Happy March!

  13. Coucou Emily, un régal ce billet de printemps. En France, nous avons eu un mois début d'année doux puis froid puis la neige et maintenant un grand soleil !
    Une envie de fleurs de printemps, comme chez moi, que du bonheur toutes ces fleurs colorées et surtout les jonquilles !
    Je te souhaite un bon mois de mars, prends soin de toi. Bisous,

  14. Those daffodils are freshly beautiful. I can smell them now.I wish your tote could talk to tell us all about your beautiful photo shoots. Happy spring to you!




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