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Tales of the Traveling Tote

 Welcome to another adventure of The Tales of the Traveling Tote. This is where my fellow Tales of the Traveling Tote friends and I share our latest travels, projects and our most current events. You will have an opportunity to visit other members at the end of this post and learn about our giveaway


We have enjoyed the most beautiful spring weather this year, perfect for spending everyday outside on the veranda. Memorial Day weekend was no exception. Outside early, enjoying coffee, blueberry muffins and yes, cookies. I love them with hot coffee! 

I chose a few patriotic postcards, red, white and blue flowers and MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check mugs and heart plates

Miss Courtney always looks so pretty
 serving as a centerpiece

Memorial Day is the unofficial beginning of summer
A game of croquet anyone?

I added the hydrangeas in this little oiled bag found I found in a gift shop in Tuscany in 2019 on our most recent trip to Italy

A MacKenzie-Childs tiered stand holds
patriotic cookies from my favorite bakery

I love the checks on this patriotic tea towel

My little red wagon helps me do gardening. It also holds lots of flowers that needs to be planted!  

Friday I set a table for four

Red, white and blue was the theme

Mac-Kenzie-Childs and Target sets the table

 A few weeks ago we enjoyed watching our grandson in one of his mountain bike races. Again, perfect weather to attend an outdoor event.

 The campsite is completely full

Miss Scarlet wanted to go to the races! 

Connor is on the left

What a great day to spend with family and enjoy the outdoors

I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day in remembrance of those who paid the ultimate price 


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  1. Your yard looks so inviting! The treats on your beautiful sweet stand are "to die for" - I would rather have a cookie than any other sweet! Love your red wagon and your table setting and the way you placed your silverware is very clever (I will be copying that idea!). Isn't it fun to watch our grandchildren compete in sports? But I hold my breath a lot, scared they might get hurt! Happy June and Happy Travels!

  2. What gorgeous eye candy in your garden, Emily! You have such flair in your choice of collections and how you use them (including plants!). I just love it all, but especially that CC tiered stand with holiday treats, and the shot of the clematis and lavender looking toward the set table. The frog pot climber on the bag is so adorable. Connor's love of cycling is a great way for making friends and having the family participate in his race events. Campgrounds everywhere have been packed through Covid, the one seemingly safe way to get out. I'm so happy we can again have options of going places. Happy June!

  3. Oh Emily I am loving your red white and blue all over your veranda and patio! The little red wagon is the cutest and the croquet set is fabulous! I love the way you blended MKC things with other red white and blue things for your festive table {Wow those cookies!} and so many pretty vignettes and photos! I'm so glad you got to go to Connor's bike race, I know it meant the world to him that his grandparents could be there. It is amazing that all of a sudden things feel so normal again, 🎉 and I can't wait to see you and Ricki Jill when I get back from the beach!

  4. Emily, you know all your red, white, and blue makes my patriotic heart beat faster. What a beautiful way to celebrate! Your wagon is a perfect companion for gardening or for partying. Clever idea! I know you had fun attending Conor's Mountain Bike Race. Happy June! Enjoy the summer days ahead.

  5. Such a beautiful celebration Emily. You house looks lovely all decked with Patriotic decor. A cookout sounds wonderful. Your vignettes are so pretty. Miss Courtney makes a fabulous centerpiece. Love your fun accessories. The tea towel is darling. Such a pretty table to honor our heroes. The patriotic cookies are a nice touch. Love your little red wagon. Connor is growing up so fast. I bet it was great fun fun him. A beautiful tribute and a great way to start summer. Happy June and summer.

  6. I had no idea that Connor raced bikes. What a great sport! I bet you loved being there watching the competition. I absolutely love your patriotic decor, especially the little wagon! You are so creative, and your tablescapes are always the prettiest, Emily. I appreciate Americans who aren't ashamed to share their love for our country. :D

  7. I loved seeing your outdoor pics, Emily! Your wooden flag is so pretty, and your red wagon is darling and useful. Those berry plates of yours are my most favorite pattern. 🥰 How wonderful to watch Connor in his mountain biking adventures. My two littlest granddaughters, ages 6 and 3 are avid mountain bikers. Yes, the 3year old learned to ride without training wheels two months after she turned 3 and is already mountain biking. They also rock climb, and are so adventurous. Happy June!

  8. Emily, I would love to join you for a game of croquet. I'm always looking for someone to play with as we have a croquet set at camp. I enjoyed seeing your outdoor photos, and how wonderful to cheer Connor on in his biking adventures. Your house looks lovely all decked with Patriotic decor. There is no decor that I love more! Happy June.

  9. Good morning, Emily! I love all of your patriotic decorations! And of course, your MC accessories are the perfect touch to a beautiful table. Looks like a fun day with Connor. Enjoy your week!

  10. Coucou Emily, quel joli billet fleuri rempli de couleurs ! Ta table était magnifique pour votre Fête, que du bonheur.
    Une magnifique mise en scène avec ce sac qui te suit au rythme des saisons.
    Magnifique moment également avec Connor !
    Je te souhaite un bon mois de Juin, bisous Emily.

  11. Emily, I love your patriotic decor and of course your fabulous collection of MC. The wagon makes the perfect accent for planting or partying. Happy June!

  12. What a great way to start the summer. All of your pictures are stunning. The food and decor are all so fun. The race looks like a huge and really fun event.

  13. You've been a busy soul. All those gorgeous decorations for the holiday - a beautiful table, loads of color and fun and cheer! And then going to the bike race -- that looks like a great spot for it and you must have been proud as could be to have such a handsome rider in the group! This whole post is making me super happy!

  14. I'm so sorry I am late commenting. I am in Texas visiting my family and when I viewed yesterday you had not posted yet. I got up very early.
    What a great celebration you had for Memorial Day. I love your tablescape with all your MKC and Target pieces. Miss Courtney and Miss Scarlet were busy serving this month. Miss Courtney looks great as a centerpiece on your buffet table. You have the prettiest plants ready for planting in the cute red wagon.
    Wow, looks like Conner had a fun event as well as all the family. What good exercise riding the mountain bikes.
    I enjoyed hearing about your latest activites. Happy June.

  15. Everything looks so gorgeous. How nice to see the tote enjoying life in such style.

  16. Emily, this is just so beautiful! I adore your table setting with all your MC pieces, but what really stole my heart was your wagon. So fun!! Happy summer . xo Lidy

  17. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  18. What beautiful pictures, and so many gorgeous displays. I do love the courtly check with red, white, and blue. Your croquet set makes me feel nostalgic for my youth (not that I don’t feel that anyway). I used to love playing croquet in my parents’ backyard. Anytime my dad got out the croquet set, I knew they were having a party. Summer fun!

  19. WOW, Emily! This post is full of the most amazing Patriotic pics! You sure do it well! Eye candy to the max!!!!!

    How did your grandson do on his bike event? That looks like such fun. Bet you all had a glorious time.

    Not sure when Ricky Jill from The Sketchy Reader is doing her prize drawing, but what an awesome prize to win! If it isn't too late, please count me in. And if it is too late (sorry have been kitty sitting and unplugged for a few weeks) then I wish the lucky winner joy in winning!

    Have a wonderful summer!!!! ♥

    1. Hi Michele, Thanks for your visit. I'm enjoying getting ready for the Fourth and it's one of my favorite holidays. Connor did well in the event, so proud of him. RJ did have a drawing for the giveaway on June 15. The winner was Kim@ExquisitelyUnremarkable. Sorry you missed the June 1 giveaway but I'm sure you were busy with the sitting. Check in with me for the next giveaway September 1. Happy Fourth of July!




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