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Tales of the Traveling Tote

 Welcome to another adventure of The Tales of the Traveling Tote. This is where my fellow Tales of the Traveling Tote friends and I share our latest travels, projects and our most current events. You will have an opportunity to visit other members at the end of this post and learn about our giveaway.


Welcome September, Welcome Fall

Welcome September welcome fall! I long for summer to remain, just not the hot muggy temperatures. Tuscaloosa is know for hot and humid, well into fall. I am definitely looking forward to the cool crisp days of late October. 

Jim and I have put our travel adventures on hold, choosing to remain close to home. We do love to get out and enjoy being outdoors and a favorite place for this is the Riverwalk, downtown Tuscaloosa.

Miss Courtney came along for a short walk with us. The Riverwalk is a paved walking and biking trail along the banks of the Black Warrior River near downtown Tuscaloosa and the University of Alabama campus. It is a favorite spot for locals and students. It is lovely in any season with river views and nature trails. 

Follow the winding river embedded in this section of the walkway to learn a little of Tuscaloosa's history

In 2019, Tuscaloosa's bicentennial was celebrated with the dedication of the Minerva statue. 


The sculpture is described as a, "30-foot, 9,500 pound Roman Goddess of wisdom, art and strategy. Soaring atop a reflective mirroring crescent which appears to be bursting upward from rock beneath. Her left foot splashes down as her body strains upward. An owl, wings spread, perches on the wrist of her outstretched arm, crafting a balancing act that seems to defy gravity." 

I hope you enjoyed our walk. Fall is a lovely season to enjoy the beautiful foliage along the river, I can't wait!

 It is a little warm so time for a treat, Jim's favorite, cherry ice cream.

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  1. Oh, I am so happy you shared a bit of history from your area - this walk looks like a fabulous way to spend an afternoon, while learning so much! I would enjoy seeing this! I think a lot of us learned how many special things are close to home during Covid!! Great post! Enjoy the last few days of summer and hopefully the hurricanes are not too destructive in your area!

  2. I love the Minerva statue! The walk in Tuscaloosa looks like a great place to get out, get fresh air, and still stay safe. We have a couple favorite places we enjoy right in town also, and have rotated those to be able to get some exercise and feel some sense of normalcy. Happy September< Emily. I hope we'll be able to enjoy fall and see a change in the COVID numbers for the better. Ours are spiking at an alarming rate right now with those under age 30 particularly.

  3. Hi Emily, what a spectacular park! The walkway with the curving river featuring highlights of Tuscaloosa's history is so interesting, and I had no idea Alabama football began in 1892! The statue is fabulous! The park is a lovely way to escape and "travel" right in your own backyard. The world is such a chaotic and dangerous place these days, I am happy to stay right here in Alabama where it is peaceful and beautiful. Happy September and Roll Tide!

  4. I love Tuscaloosa, and I enjoyed going on a stroll on the Riverwalk with y'all! There's so much history surrounding Tuscaloosa, and the Black Warrior River. This post made me smile, remembering all the wonderful memories I have of the Capstone and Tuscaloosa! Happy September, Emily!

  5. The history is very interesting. That statue is gorgeous. I love the pose! Such a great place to take a walk. The walkways is lovely with it's curves. so glad Jim got his favorite ice cream. A treat for a summer walk. Happy Labor Day weekend Emily. Enjoy September.

  6. What a lovely way to take us along the River walk. I love how Miss Courtney posed. It was magical. The Goddess of Wisdom is a stunning sculpture- the size is incredible. I am sure it is even more amazing in real life. Have a beautiful Fall!

  7. Your riverwalk is just beautiful. I can imagine you out there, looking cute as all get out with your bag and making your way over that bridge, by that wonderful statue. It's nice to have something like that in your town. It was interesting, getting a bit of the history, too. That statue is really elegant.

  8. Emily, what a perfect share! I loved walking along, learning some interesting facts about your city. What a beautiful walking trail for all who live there. We have the Lady Bird Lake Hike and Bike Trail that follows the shore of the Colorado River that runs thought town. It is a favorite spot for all who live here or visit Austin.
    Happy Fall to you and Jim and Miss Courtney. Cheers to cooler days ahead.

  9. Emily, your riverwalk is lovely, and The Goddess of Wisdom is amazing. I know the foliage along the river will be a real treat for you. I'm glad Jim got to enjoy his favorite cherry ice cream on the trip with Miss Courtney. Happy September!

  10. Coucou Emily, ravie de te retrouver avec un si beau billet ! Cette balade bucolique près de la rivière est magnifique, tes photos superbes.
    Déjà un petit air d'automne dans la déco, il est vrai que l'été se termine doucement.
    Hum la glace à la cerise, ma préférée également !
    Très belle fin de semaine, gros bisous.

  11. Thank you for taking me along on the river walk, Emily. The sculpture of the Goddess of Wisdom is a beautiful work of art! I’d be joining Jim with a scoop of his favorite ice cream. I hope that you enjoyed some, too! Happy September! ❤️

  12. Emily, thank you for taking me along on your journeys. I especially liked the statue of Minerva at the end of the River Walk. She is absolutely beautiful. She made me wonder if the sculptor was an SAE. ;). CherryKay

  13. What a lovely walking path. It reminds me of Broadripple in Indianapolis and the river pathway in Madison,IN on the Ohio River.

  14. How nice to see the tote out and about! Love the sculpture.

  15. Emily, I enjoyed the riverwalk tour. That was an ingenious idea to include snippets of history written on the walkway along the trail. I know you and Miss Courtney enjoyed your walk. Did Jim go with you or just you just think of him as you enjoyed his favorite flavor of ice cream?
    Sorry, I am a bit late to visit. I have been out of town.

  16. I love these tote tales! I honestly think those totes get around more than I do. I always enjoy reading the blog posts about these. I am also totally in love with that tote, I need one of my very own. Fun post.

  17. Emily, thanks for sharing about this piece of history! My family is relatively new to the area, and we are trying to learn more about it! We're getting our cabinets repainted this weekend and I think this river walk will be great for the family. Thank you for sharing about it!




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